Endless Creative Possibilities in Side Folding Security Doors

If you have room on the side of your door for the curtain pocket, a side folding door is a great option for you (if you don’t, consider an overhead rolling door).

We have a variety of patterns, styles, materials, finishes and colors available in all of our commercial side folding door series. Curved tracks are no problem – they can all follow almost any degree of track curvature. We can also create custom solutions faster than other companies because we manufacture them in-house.

Our complete side folding product line is shown below, with a highlight of its features to help you get started on your selection. For each of the option you’ll find a full set of features, models, specifications, and gallery images that can help you imagine the creative possibilities. If you need help making a choice, please feel free to contact us. Our expert team can help you save time whether you’re choosing a model or looking for custom design files.

Advantage: Fastest Installation

The EZ 4 Inch security grille includes its own anodized aluminum pocket door, eliminating the need for your contractor to build one on site.

It arrives with the door already loaded in the pocket, saving installation time.

Even better, the pocket is 6-inches wide, allowing it to fit flush with commercial wall studs for a visually seamless integration.

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Advantage: Narrow Curtain Stack

Adapting to any pocket requirement (including curves and L-angles), the Slim Line is a great solution for any secured area.

Most of the designs feature sleek vertical lines that allow maximum visibility for product display, even when the door is closed. The 5-inch stack allows you to use more space for your secured area than other doors.

Fits any application: new or retrofit, counter height to full height openings up to 14 feet tall.

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Advantage: Shallow Pocket

If you have enough room for a wider pocket but don’t have a lot of depth available, you’ll want the New Elite’s 30% – 40% tighter stack for your project.

The New Elite also offers fewer vertical lines, and more visibility into the secured area. It’s lighter and easier to open and close, but tougher than ever.

It’s the perfect solution for retrofit situations where pocket depth is an issue – or if you can’t increase pocket but want to extend the door.

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Advantage: Portability

For effective crowd control, our Roll and Fold system is an attractive and effective solution.

They’re easy to move, fully self-supporting, and can be locked to posts for long-term deployments. Incredibly useful for facilities with seasonal changes or ongoing renovations.

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“Illini Architechtural Products has been providing a full range of Dynamic Closures security products since 1985. We enthusiastically promote their products because they fabricate and ship material promptly and with an absolute minimum of product variation. Our customers can rely on long usage, repair parts when required, and products that look as good as they function. Dynamic is constantly upgrading their products, their sales deparment works closely with their distributors, and customer service is by far the best of any of the manufacturers we represent.”

– David L. Berns, VP Sales
Illini Architectural Products, Chicago

Folding Doors and Grilles for All Kinds of Applications

Our security gates are installed in airports, malls, churches, schools, pharmacies, medical facilities, and community centres throughout the Unites States and Canada.

We specialize in creating durable, easy to install grilles that are long lasting, visually appealing, and easy for staff to use.

We’re There For You Every Step of the Way

We pride ourselves on industry-leading customer service. Our Customer Support team has decades of collective experience and will help you complete your design, and save time too.

If you’re trying to design a security enclosure to harmonize with a specific look, we can help you review the options and make a selection. Once you’ve made a decision, we can supply free BIM objects for your architectural plans, and even double check your Division 08 specifications to help prevent installation gotchas that destroy schedules, blow budgets, and not to mention cause stress.

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