Church Security


Man in foreground of a crowd extending his hand for a handshakeChurches are places of sanctuary, where people go for prayer and spiritual growth.

But there are practical concerns that churches must manage too – things like safety and security, lighting, sound, and signage. These are the sorts of things any public space must plan. Get them right, and they can help the congregation grow. Get them wrong, and you can cause confusion and inconvenience for worshippers, or leave the facility vulnerable to theft, vandalism, or worse.

When installing security measures for a house of worship, it is vital to ensure that the visual presentation doesn’t detract from the welcoming atmosphere that any religious centre wants to project. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can secure sensitive areas in the church without creating an imposing or unfriendly image.

That’s where Dynamic Closures comes in. We create security grilles and doors for interior spaces, counters, and cabinets. More importantly, we create them in a wide variety of materials and styles. This gives designers or architects almost limitless options in terms of look and feel. When not in use, they fold away invisibly.

Our security closures have a variety of locking options, including several keyed options that are easy to update. When maglocks are chosen, they can be tied into your electronic access control system, giving you a complete picture of who is entering and leaving secured areas.

To get started in discovering the options, take a look at the links below. But if you want to save time, our friendly customer service team has years of experience in guiding people to the right options.

Our Security Solutions For Churches And Religious Centres

All of our side folding and overhead rolling doors are available in a variety of materials, finishes, patterns, and even colors. They can be completely opaque, or have a screen, transparent panels, or a rod-and-link construction.

man showing woman wide folding prestige security door

Side Folding Doors

Available in almost unlimited widths and heights up to 14’ (taller heights are available for custom orders – with 25’ being our tallest to date). Curved doors are no problem – we create custom curves in-house for faster delivery. They are available with AODA-compliant features and can have emergency egress doors installed for fire safety.
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storefront security overhead rolling door

Overhead Rolling Doors

If your secured area needs a motorized operator or there’s no room to store the grille at the side of the door, you may want to choose an overhead rolling door. We can provide several options to enclose the roll at the top of the door, or it can be built right into the wall.
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tambour shutters closed on cabinet doors

Cabinet Shutters

For securing cabinets, these shutters are perfect – in fact, pharmacies love them because they’re almost tamper proof. They’re surprisingly easy to install and can be fitted with a choice of three bolting options, plus either 1” mortise locks with updateable cores or SFIC locks.
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Modern Solutions To Keep Churches Secure

young people standing in a group and smilingPeople of faith are looking for many ways to include worship in their daily lives, and modern churches need to expand beyond the Sunday service to meet their needs. Many churches now provide amenities like coffee shops and gyms to help worshippers stay connected. In accommodating all sorts of schedules, some churches are even staying open 24 hours a day.

This creates additional challenges for security leaders within the church. The need to keep some areas temporarily closed off while ensuring free access to others requires a flexible solution. Ideally, it should be one that is as invisible as possible when not in use, and secure but friendly when deployed.

Used appropriately, our security gates can even help promote the amenities you have to offer after hours. Widely spaced panels of transparent polycarbonate, for example, can help show off that children’s play area or music room to new members even when the area is secured.

Since 1975 Dynamic Closures has been leading new security grille solutions – in fact, our founder invented the side folding door. Today, our R&D team continues to develop new solutions for better security closures that are easy to install and use.

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