Mini Roll Up Commercial Shutters

Roll Up Shutters to Protect Smaller Openings

As a business, you need maximum security to prevent future break ins and forced entry. No one wants problems with their roll up doors. You want roll up security shutters that you can depend on. Call upon the experts at Dynamic Closures!

Protect display cases and secure kiosks and counters with our compact Mini Roll Up Shutter Doors and security grilles. They are perfect for smaller doorways and reception areas.

Small But Secure Rolling Shutter

With lots of choice in locking hardware and a fully enclosed header, the Mini Roll Up door has an impressive ability to secure smaller openings. The header is designed to be almost tamper proof once installed.

Easy To Use Roll Up Door

Are shift workers having trouble operating your current security shutters? Our roll up shutters can guarantee easy and light control. Whether you choose crank, manual or motorized shutter operation, the Mini Roll Up is easy to open and close. There are many options to choose from with motorized operation, including remote controls.

Get The Look You Want

Roll security shutters that are tailor made! The Mini Roll Up door is available in an incredible variety of polycarbonate or aluminum roll up grille options, from solid to perforated and clear to opaque. Finishes include clear anodized aluminum and a variety of colors.

Mini Roll Up Quick Links

Mini roll up security shutter

Mini Roll Up Shutters

This compact design is perfect for smaller business areas like kiosks, service counters, and display cases – even residential windows. But our clients have also used these on a number of stores with multiple smaller openings.

These aluminum security grilles solutions are also extremely easy to install and use.

Strong Security for Windows and Small Openings

Don’t underestimate the importance of window security. Building owners (focused on securing doors and larger openings), unfortunately, often inadvertently leave this common entry point vulnerable.

Roll Up Shutters from Dynamic Closures serve as the ideal crime deterrent. They protect your smaller openings—like windows, kiosks and counters—and improve overall security without sacrificing aesthetics.

User-Friendly Window Security

Easy operation, plus peace of mind! Our Mini Roll Up Shutters are simple to use; they open and close effortlessly and can be fitted with a variety of locking mechanisms.

“Disappearing” Roll Up Shutters

Unlike unsightly window security grilles or bars, our window shutters are unobtrusive. The barrier quickly disappears into a sleek, fully-enclosed header allowing it to be hidden from view when not in use. 

Appealing Designs for Every Application

Each security shutter is custom-made for a unique space. With the ability to hand-pick roll up door size, color, material and degree of opacity, you’ll find a design combination that perfectly blends into the intended environment.


  • Material: Aluminum slats with a large, central vent opening. Panel height: 2 5/16” – for full sizing details, including vent size, please see brochure.

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Our doors are perfect for airports, malls, pharmacies, schools, hospitals, offices, community centers and multi-use recreational facilities, or any kind of public space.

Your clients will find our closures easy to use whether opening or closing, and locks are easy to update.

You can also give us a call from Monday to Friday between 8AM – 5PM Eastern.

Features and Options

Whether you’re located in Canada, the US or internationally, Dynamic Closures has a product for every security need. With feature-rich options included and custom options available, we can supply a system that suits each project’s unique demands. Features are unique to each product, so be sure to explore each one to find the best suited for your design.

With lots of choice in locking hardware and a fully enclosed header, the Mini Roll Up door has an impressive ability to secure smaller openings. The header is designed to be almost tamper proof once installed.

Choose between no locks, slide locks, cylinder locks, 1” mortise locks with interchangeable cylinders or SFIC locks.

The slide locks and cylinder lock require a standard 2” bottom bar. If you need a 1” mortise cylinder lock or an SFIC Lock, the door will require a heavy duty 3” bottom bar.

Internal or External Installation

We use highly durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum to construct our rolling security shutters and grilles, making them suitable for use outside.

For example, clients have used our roll-up shutters to secure outdoor cash registers, lockers and coolers.

Whether installed inside or outside your establishment, you’ll receive the hassle-free privacy, protection and security you desire.

Easy & Quiet Operation

Opening and closing can be done with manual operation, a crank, or with an electric motor.

The electric motor operator can be controlled with a switch (toggle or paddle) or a key.

Whether you choose manual, crank or motorized operation, the Mini Roll Up is easy to open and close.

Mini Roll Up Crank Animation

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Compact, Easy To Mount Header

Looking for space saving security shutters? The header is as small as possible without interfering with the smooth operation of the rolling shutter. It’s perfect for smaller openings such as counter pass-through windows or in service kiosks.

The wall mounted header can be either through the face of the opening or into the jamb.

Color And Materials Options

Color options depend on material chosen. With perforated aluminum, or solid extruded aluminum slat, the only option is a clear anodized finish.

The Mini Roll shutters is available in an incredible variety of aluminum, from solid to perforated and clear to opaque. Finishes include clear anodized aluminum and a variety of colors

With rolled formed aluminum slats with foam cores, you can choose between clear anodized, white, beige, or bronze paint.

Business and Domestic Applications

While our Roll Up Security Grilles are most commonly used to protect windows and small spaces in commercial settings, they provide exceptional security and appealing aesthetics to businesses and residences alike.

Customizable Grille Sizes

Each security grille is tailor-made and fitted to your specifications.

Our Mini Roll Ups secure anything from small spaces, windows, product displays and counters to larger openings.

Some models of the Mini Roll Up can be “stacked” or connected side-by-side to create a wider barrier. We suggest you opt for our Lift-Ready Rolling Grilles to secure sizeable commercial and retail spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The mini Rolling shutter is not designed to function as a hurricane shutter and should not be used in a space where that code is required.

Depending on the model, the max height and width could go as wide as 10 feet 6 inches and as high as 14 feet.

Almost always. Motor operation provides easy, convenient and light control no matter what the size is. There are cost factors up front but these motors have the added benefit of being very quiet because they are in the axle in the coil box not hanging on the outside. The motor being in the coil box allows installations in tight spaces.

The motorized system is surprisingly quiet. This is because the motors are inside the axles, which are inside the coil box itself, vs. hanging outside of the unit.

Yes, another choice is an awning crank with a removable rod. The hook protrudes a few inches from the coil box. The cranks are slow and somewhat tedious to use on full height shutter. Shutters also have a pull strap method of operation. This is used for smaller openings and is the least expensive. The straps are also the least reliable over time.

Headroom can vary from 6 to 12 inches depending on the height of the rolling shutter. Our space saving Mini Roll-Ups can fit into a space standard rolling can not.

At this time, Yes. We have a bottom bar/base slat that can handle a Best type cylinder.

Yes, when Mini Roll Ups are stacked, we can put them on key switches, enabling them to operate simultaneously. Thus, they will open or close together with one click of a button or flick of a switch.

Expert Support Team Helps You Save Time And Money

Our experts have been helping architects create designs faster for years. They not only answer questions about our doors, they can help you get your design done faster and help your project by verifying specifications.

Illini Architectural Products has been providing a full range of Dynamic Closures security products since 1985. We enthusiastically promote their products because they fabricate and ship material promptly and with an absolute minimum of product variation. Our customers can rely on long usage, repair parts when required, and products that look as good as they function. Dynamic is constantly upgrading their products, their sales department works closely with their distributors, and customer service is by far the best of any of the manufacturers we represent.
David L. Berns
VP Sales Illini Architectural Products, Chicago