Storefront Security Gates For Shopping Malls

Attracting shoppers to brick and mortar stores has become more difficult than ever, and the stakes are high with storefront design. Retail security gates are not known to be particularly attractive- but design and security solutions are not mutually exclusive.

But there’s one-way retail store design has gotten better, thanks to the wide variety of security closure options available from Dynamic. In fact, many architects and designers aren’t aware that their choice of storefront security gate can also support their design strategy – and their clients’ branding. There is an incredible variety of materials, patterns and finishes to choose from.

Even when closed, a security gate can actually showcase products, making them more desirable. When the store is open, they can fold away invisibly, so the store layout and product displays can work their magic on passers-by.

Dynamic Closures has a full team of customer support experts who can point you to suitable options for your project requirements, provide custom BIM objects for plans, and even confirm Div 08 specifications for you. We are the experts in the best retail security gates and will help you protect your business.

Our Solutions For Retail Stores, Kiosks, And Service Counters

Whether you’re designing for a full storefront, a service counter, or a kiosk, we can help you find the right type of commercial security door solution. Both our side-folding and overhead rolling security closures are available in a variety of heights and widths. We even create custom doors on request, like we did for Holt Renfrew. Added security is always important, and security grilles aren’t just vertical bars or scissor gates. Preventing break-ins has improved with new design and technology.

SL Paravent

Side Folding Doors

If your entrance is curved, or you want something that’s easy to make ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, a side-folding door is a perfect choice. It provides protection for your business with an installation on tracks folded away when it’s not needed.

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Lift Ready Portcullis (Open Air)

Overhead Rolling Doors

If you’re looking for a motorized operator, then an overhead rolling door is your best bet. They’re also a great solution if you don’t have room at either side of the opening for the door pocket. We even have smaller versions for display cases. Your storefront can be protected while still allowing customers to see your display when they come back during business hours.

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Helping You Create Engagement Experiences

Woman relaxing at a mall
More and more people are shopping online, which means malls are changing their business models.

They’re finding ways to incorporate leisure and entertainment attractions that transform the space into a community destination. Some are diversifying to include fitness centres, fine dining, and other desirable activities to create social hubs. Others are incorporating condos and offices to become mixed-use properties.

For malls where retail shopping is still thriving, the stores are being selected much more carefully. The traditional anchor stores may be gone, to be replaced by recreational or temporary exhibition spaces. To continue to operate in the best security for the combination of storefronts and businesses, get total coverage that will protect businesses with better security.

Stores are also being grouped strategically by age group or by product type. Fashionistas or tech fans don’t have to wander through an entire mall anymore: all the stores they’re interested in are in one area.

As malls continue their journey to a new relevance, every design decision will matter. Even the security features will have to look friendly and inspire interest while protecting with storefront security gates.

With Dynamic Closures storefront security gates, you’ll find there’s always a solution that supports your design.

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