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Dynamic Closures Secures BMO Toronto With Slim Line Series Door

When a Bank of Montreal (BMO) branch in Toronto was ready to upgrade and modernize their security doors, Dynamic was up to the challenge. Like many financial institutions today, the Bank was looking to combine a modern and attractive professional image with a high level of security outside of opening hours, when the ATM area is still accessible to the public.

Why is Retail Floor Space Important?

Whether you’re a convenience store or shopping mall store, security is a top priority. However, what happens if that security affects your store layout, especially the retail floor space. You’re consuming space that can potentially devalue the overall experience portrayed to your customers.

Introducing the New Elite Door Series

The New Elite series has been completely redesigned to be lighter, stack much smaller, and have best in class durability and security.

The 7 Benefits of Maglock Systems for Your Facility

Switching from physical keys to access control systems has a lot of benefits, including cost savings, convenience, usage data, and increased peace of mind.

Our Favourite Trends from R+T 2018

A team from Dynamic visited the R+T show in Stuttgart in March 2018 to see what other industry leaders are doing in Europe. Here are some of our takeaways.

These Easy Calculators Make Door Pocket Planning More Accurate

Our door pocket calculators are designed to help you plan the construction of pockets for all the side folding doors we carry. One is for stack/pocket width, the other is for clearance in right-angled pockets.

Dynamic Closures Goes to Jail for a Worthy Cause

Dynamic Closures’ Christine Warren experienced a simulated arrest for a very special charity fundraiser. Called “Post Bail”, it requires donations to Beyond 21 in order for the person to be set free. It’s all in good fun and Christine was a great sport for helping out one of our favourite local charities.

FAQS About Custom Curves for Side Folding Retail Security Doors

Retail store design projects sometimes call for a side folding door with custom curves. Here’s everything you need to start planning.

Dynamic Closures: A Company With Staying Power

In an era where most employees leave a company after 5 years, Dynamic keeps employees for an average of 20. The result: you get the benefit of our expertise.

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Security Door Hinges

Say goodbye to unsightly black stains on your security doors. Dynamic Closures’ patented one-piece hinges keep doors looking good and are more secure. They’re even easier to use.

Security Door Installation Part 12: Adjusting the Curtain Height

In the final part of our side folding security grille installation series, we cover our adjustable curtain height option, perfect for fine tuning the height of the gap between the bottom of the curtain and the floor or countertop.

Security Doors Can Now Be Taller Than Ever

An innovative new design for security door hangers from Dynamic Closures means that door heights can be taller than ever before. These hangers also last longer and resist corrosion.

Security Door Installation Part 11: Locking Plate Height Adjustments

Our side folding security doors are easy to install and adjust. This guide shows you how to fine tune the height of the locking features to account for uneven surfaces and even small measurement errors.

Security Door Installation Part 10: Fixed Posts and Pull Straps

In this part of our detailed look at security door installation, we look at installing fixed posts and adjusting the length of the pull strap for the curtain.

Security Door Installation Part 9: Installing Trailing Posts

Trailing posts help your security grille keep its shape, and prevents intruders from entering. Part of our detailed look at security door installation.

Danger! Is Your Contractor Cutting Corners on Motorized Rolling Door Safety Features?

Since August 2010, UL 325 has been law in the US. But many contractors are still cutting corners on safety features and putting users at risk. Find out what you, as an architect or dealer, can do about it – and the consequences if you do nothing.

Side Folding Door Installation Part 8: Installing Intermediate and Top and Bottom Posts

As part of our ongoing series on security door installation, in this article we cover positioning and drilling for Intermediate Posts and Top and Bottom posts.

Can Your Security Grille Help You Get LEED Certification?

Learn how security grilles from Dynamic Closures can help the environmental sustainability of your commercial space design project.

Side Folding Security Door Installation Part 7: Installing BiPart Posts

As part of our series of instructions and tips for installing security grilles, this article looks at the details for installing bipart posts correctly.

Installation Part 6: Mounting Wall Channel and Hookbolt Posts

Part of our series on side folding security grille installation, this article looks at final mounting for the Wall Channel and Hookbolt post types.

Side Folding Door Installation Part 5: Guide to Post Types

Now that your track is installed on the ceiling and you’ve loaded the entire door into the track, it’s time to secure the posts to the walls, pockets or floor surfaces. How you do this will depend on what type of post it is, so this guide will help you understand how to identify them and how they are used.

Side Folding Door Installation Part 4: Hanging the Doors

In part 4 of our security grille installation series, you’ll learn the best way to load your door posts and curtains into the track you’ve already installed on the ceiling.

Report from GlassBuild America in Las Vegas

Take a look at some of the latest glass technology advances that were on display at GlassBuild America 2016, from laser etching to wall cladding to hardware.

Side Folding Door Installation Part 3: Installing the Track

You’ve got all the tools you need and you’ve checked the site thoroughly. Now you’re ready to start installing the track for your new side folding security grille. Read about the steps and potential pitfalls to avoid in this post.

Side Folding Grille Installation Part 2: Checking the Site

Wait – don’t open those boxes and pick up your tools just yet! In part 2 of our side folding grille installation series, you’ll learn about important initial site checks to do to save time, money, and headaches later on.

Tools for Installing Side Folding Security Grilles

Quality installation will ensure you get decades of reliable performance from your side folding security grille. In this series, we explain how to do a proper installation and how to avoid common pitfalls our customers have run into in the past. To start off, we review the tool checklist.

Learn the Creative Possibilities of Security Door Design

Learn the creative possibilities of security door design for public spaces with this AIA credit course. You’ll find that that the need for security doors imposes fewer limitations than you think. This course will not only help you improve your projects, but you’ll be able to provide even more value for your clients. On top of that, it’s even free.

Custom Installation Case Study: 25’ Custom Door for Holt Renfrew

Dynamic Closures faced the challenge of its tallest security door ever: 25 feet. It required some innovative thinking to ensure the extra height and weight would not pose any problems for the end users. Here’s how we met Holt Renfrew’s custom requirements.

How Our Expert Customer Support Team Saves You Time and Money

Within seconds of calling, you’ll be on the line with one of our expert support team members. They’ll help you with specifications, technical drawings, and estimates done for your commercial security doors. They even make sure custom door designs happen. You get all of this great service when you include our security door designs in your proposals.

Custom Installation Case Study: Craning a Security Door into a High Rise

For a new security door installation in Toronto, we had to shut down an entire city block and lift the door through an 11th story window with a crane. It all went off without a hitch – as they say, getting there is half the fun.

3D Rapid Prototyping for Better, Faster Results

3D rapid prototyping helps us deliver better results on our custom security doors for commercial properties. Here are seven 7 different ways your project and your clients will benefit from our use of this technology.

Our 6-Step Testing and Quality Assurance Process

How do we ensure that your door will not only match your specifications but will work for your clients and end users? Our testing and QA processes are not only comprehensive but creative as well. Thanks to 3D rapid prototyping it’s also easier than ever to make design adjustments.

3D and 2D CAD Files Now Available

Dynamic Closures now provides both 2D and 3D CAD files for all of our side folding security doors. We’ll have files available for our rolling doors too very soon.

Avoid Common Problems with Division 08 Architectural Specifications

Here are some of the common problems we see with Division 08 specifications and how to solve them. This will avoid delays and inconvenience in your commercial architecture projects.

6 Simple Side Folding Door Design Tips

When designing security doors for retail stores and other commercial properties, side folding doors allow for an incredible variety of creative possibilities. This allows you to create a storefront that excites shoppers and provides incredible ROI to owners.

Your Security Gates Can Actually Attract More Customers

With competition from online shopping sites, a store’s ability to showcase products has become more important than ever. These days even security doors need to be able to do their part to lure potential customers. New materials and designs mean that there are effective solutions that have plenty of appeal to passersby.

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