Our Commercial Roll Up Doors

Our Commercial Roll Up Doors

Are you having annoying roll up door problems, tight deadlines, a small installation budget, or a lot of doors to install? The Lift Ready Roll Up Security Door is a great solution. It’s available for spaces up to 24’ wide by 12’ tall. Larger dimensions can be created for custom doors.

This is a great door for securing retail spaces, pharmacies, “store within a store” spaces, and counters like airport kiosks. The curtain arrives already wrapped on the barrel, and it’s ready to just lift into place for your contractors. The roll itself is also much lighter than others, making for easier handling.

The Lift Ready header plate is more compact (only 15” square) than with other doors of the same size for a cleaner visual look.

Side Folding Quick Links

Lift-Ready Rolling Grille

With a compact roll and minimal head plate requirements, this security enclosure allows for a very polished appearance. This line can have motorized or manual security operations, and there are dozens of options for materials, patterns, finishes, and colors.

Lift Ready Vortex (Solid)

  • Material: 2 3/8”  high interlocked solid aluminum panels.
  • Hinge: 1 piece continuous aluminum.
  • Max Height: 12’5” – depends on total width (see chart).
  • Max Width: 24’ – depends on width between guides (see chart).

Lift Ready Ventana (Perforated)

  • Material: 3 ¾ ” high interlocked panels: perforated aluminum in aluminum frame.
  • Hinge: 1 piece continuous aluminum.
  • Max Height: 12’5” – depends on total width (see chart).
  • Max Width: 24’ – depends on width between guides (see chart).

Lift Ready Labyrinth (Open Air)

  • Material: Aluminum rod and link – brick pattern. Space between links 9″; rod spacing 1 3/4″. For full sizing details, please see brochure.
  • Max Height: 12’5” – depends on total width (see chart).
  • Max Width: 24’ – depends on width between guides (see chart).

Lift Ready Portcullis (Open Air)

  • Material: Aluminum rod and link – straight pattern. Space between links 9″; rod spacing 1 3/4″. For full sizing details, please see brochure.
  • Max Height: 12’5” – depends on total width (see chart).
  • Max Width: 24’  – depends on width between guides (see chart).

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Our doors are perfect for airports, malls, pharmacies, schools, hospitals, offices, community centers and multi-use recreational facilities, or any kind of public space.

Your clients will find our closures easy to use whether opening or closing, and locks are easy to update.

You can also give us a call from Monday to Friday between 8AM – 5PM Eastern.

Features and Options

Dynamic Closures has a product for every security need. With feature-rich options included and custom options available, we can supply a system that suits each project’s unique demands. Features are unique to each product, so be sure to explore each one to find the best suited for your design.

Compact, Easy To Install Header With Pre-Rolled Curtain

This is the smallest, lightest, and easiest to install overhead rolling door.

Mounting Options

Color Options

Choose between clear, black, bronze, light bronze or champagne anodized finishes.

Alternately, we can provide almost any color in a powder coat finish.

Material Options

Choose between aluminum rod and link (straight or brick pattern), perforated aluminum, V-groove solid aluminum, or aluminum with polycarbonate panels. See models tab for more details.

Optional Hood And Fascia

For Lift Ready Rolling Grilles, using a hood for exposed barrels keeps it dust-free and provides a cleaner look. A fascia provides extra decorative surfacing if desired. Both hood and fascia are optional, as you can also leave the barrel uncovered or install it within a ceiling header.

Hood and Fascia Options

Bottom Bar Guides

Our bottom bars come standard with rubber bumpers to protect finished surfaces. Optionally, the rubber bumper can be replaced with a ceiling conceal to to minimize unsightly ceiling gaps.

Guides are designed with adjustable bottom bar top stops for fine adjustments in the field, as well as integrated smart locks for locking bottom bars.

Options for Bottom Bar and Top Stops

Manual Operators

Opening and closing your door is surprisingly easy when your door is this well designed. Options include a charge handle or a simple counterbalance.

Manual Operators and Winding Shafts

Motorized Operators

We recommend using one of these LiftMaster electric motor operators. With motorized operators, options for motorized emergency release and sensing edges open up.

Motors and Safety Accessories


If you’re using any optional locking posts, you can choose between:

  • 1” mortise cylinder locks that can be easily changed to work with your internal key system and updated as needed.
  • SFIC housing and cores.

Bracket Plates

The choice of bracket plate will need to work with the door size and material needed. Our customer service department will help you determine which one is right for your application.

Bracket Plates for Mounting the Lift Ready Rolling Grille

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard height is between 8 feet to 14 feet, but we have built grilles as high as 20 feet. Models and total size will dictate if a grille can be built oversized.

Depending on the model, it could go as wide as 30 feet. The difficulty is two fold. One is from the limitations on freight the other is the problems of installation of the grille. Many LTL carriers today use PUP’s that can only take freight up to 26 foot 6 inches maximum length. A special truck to take longer lengths can costs thousands of dollars extra. Since we are talking about thousands of dollars extra costs, installation on this size rolling grille is extremely difficult and takes a very experienced crew. This size opening is no problem for side folding grilles and should be at least considered.

Always. Motor operation provides easy and convenient control no matter what the size is. There are cost factors up front and the motors require space either to the side, top or front of the coil.

Yes, another choice is an awning crank with a removable rod. The hook protrudes a few inches from the ceiling. The cranks are slow and somewhat tedious to use on full size rolling grilles. Cranks are a better option for Mini Roll-Up shutters.

Headroom can vary from 15 to 24 inches depending on the height of the grille. Mini Roll-Ups can fit into a space as small as 6 inches.

Yes. We have a bottom bar slat that can handle Standard Mortise, SFIC, and LFIC (also referred to as FSIC) cylinders.

World Class Customer Support

Need help choosing a model for your project? We’re here to help, and go far beyond the usual standards to help you with your project.

Not only can we help you navigate the features and options of our products, but we provide free BIM objects for your plans, and even check Division 08 specifications for you, which can really save you costly delays during installation.

Illini Architectural Products has been providing a full range of Dynamic Closures security products since 1985. We enthusiastically promote their products because they fabricate and ship material promptly and with an absolute minimum of product variation. Our customers can rely on long usage, repair parts when required, and products that look as good as they function. Dynamic is constantly upgrading their products, their sales department works closely with their distributors, and customer service is by far the best of any of the manufacturers we represent.
David L. Berns
VP Sales Illini Architectural Products, Chicago