Tambour Shutters

Small Openings and Display Cases, Protected.

Tambour shutters or doors are perfect for providing extra security for cabinets in pharmacies, mall kiosks, AV and other transportation and display cases. They’re easy to open, close and lock.

Worry-Free Security For Important Merchandise

The Tambour Shutter not only has a highly advanced cylinder lock, it offers a choice of three different locking mechanisms to ensure your goods stay safe from theft.

Conveniently Adapts To Your Preferred Locking System

The Tambour comes with a full-size mortise cylinder lock that is easy to change over to your key system. It’s so easy to re-key that yearly key changes can become a regular part of your security protocol.

We can also install a housing for SFIC (small format interchangeable core) locks on request.

No Compromise On Design

There are three materials options and many finish options, so you can choose cabinet security to fit the look and feel of your store.

The polycarbonate panel shutter allows you to display products while keeping them secure. The Mini solid aluminum and V-Slat solid aluminum are opaque for a cleaner look that also conveys security.

Any exposed aluminum tambour door is available in a choice of standard colors that play well with other design elements. A full spectrum of powder coat colors are available on request.

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CTS-M Solid Aluminum Shutters

Tambour Shutter

Tambour shutters provide excellent security for cabinets, counters and kiosks alike. They are perfect for pharmacies.

Dynamic Closures provides several high security locking options that can easily be changed to work with your preferred locking system.


  • Material: 7/8”  high solid aluminum panels. For full sizing details, please see brochure.

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Our doors are perfect for airports, malls, pharmacies, schools, hospitals, offices, community centers and multi-use recreational facilities, or any kind of public space.

Your clients will find our closures easy to use whether opening or closing, and locks are easy to update.

You can also give us a call from Monday to Friday between 8AM – 5PM Eastern.

Features and Options

Dynamic Closures has a product for every security need. With feature-rich options included and custom options available, we can supply a system that suits each project’s unique demands. Features are unique to each product, so be sure to explore each one to find the best suited for your design.

No Bulky Roll

No need for a barrel and counterbalance with this type of cabinet door, which makes it easy to install on commercial display cabinets. The shutter is easy to open and close manually.

Locking Options

Choose from 1” mortise locks or SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Cores).

Choose between two throw or shoot bolts (most popular option), hook bolt with locking channel, or a hook bolt with recessed locking plate for bolting system.

Information on our locking options for the Tambour Shutter


There are several options for the style and materials for your cabinet shutter: Aluminum with polycarbonate panels, small aluminum slats, and larger aluminum slats.


Choose between clear, black, bronze, light bronze or champagne anodized finishes.
Alternately, we can provide almost any color in a powder coat finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it is defined by as: Furniture – a flexible shutter used as a desk top or in place of a door, composed of a number of closely set wood strips attached to a piece of cloth, the whole sliding in grooves along the sides or at the top and bottom. If you use aluminum in place of the “wood strips” that sums it up quite well.

Depending on the model, it could go as wide as 4 feet.

There is no standard height. You should always keep in mind this type of door has no counterbalance and therefore total weight is an issue and it can come down fast if the user does not control it.

No. Cabinet Tambour Shutter models are very basic and simple.

No. The cabinetmaker will build in a guide using the cabinet material within the cabinet itself.

Cabinet Tambour Shutters have two types of bottom bar locking each working with a keyed cylinder. One is a hook bolt lock activated to engage into a separate extrusion called a lock channel or into a recessed lock plate. The other type has slide throw knobs that push a rod into the sides of the cabinet that secure the shutter.

Yes. We can use small format interchangeable cores (SFIC) that are easily substituted in place of the factory mortise cylinder for an additional charge.

Extra Help When Navigating The Options

Our expert customer support team has over 20 years’ collective experience helping designers, architects, and dealers find the perfect fit for their projects. They’re ready to help ensure you get what you need quickly, saving your valuable time.

Illini Architectural Products has been providing a full range of Dynamic Closures security products since 1985. We enthusiastically promote their products because they fabricate and ship material promptly and with an absolute minimum of product variation. Our customers can rely on long usage, repair parts when required, and products that look as good as they function. Dynamic is constantly upgrading their products, their sales department works closely with their distributors, and customer service is by far the best of any of the manufacturers we represent.
David L. Berns
VP Sales Illini Architectural Products, Chicago