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Security door blocking off ATM machines

Security is a top priority for any bank or financial institution. Customers need to feel safe when accessing their money. And banks need to ensure the proper security doors and cameras are in place.

But with fewer people visiting Banks and Financial institutions, architects and designers are now spending more time around aesthetics.

That’s where Dynamic Closures comes in. We have a diverse selection of security grilles and door solutions that look good but also provide a high level of security.

Each security door can be tailored to your brand’s design, with a selection from a variety of materials, finishes, patterns and colors. When closed, our doors give security cameras clear visibility of ATM lobbies and bank entrances. And when not-in-use – they are almost invisible, which works well in any layout – even open-concept. Our in-house R&D team can even provide custom door designs if needed.

It’s no wonder why organizations such as Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, Desjardins, Bank of America and Santander, all trust and confide in Dynamic’s security door solutions.

To get started in discovering the options, take a look at the links below. But if you want to save time, our friendly customer service team has years of experience in guiding people to the right options.

Our Security Door Solutions For Financial Institutions & Banks

These three security grilles can be custom designed to fit any bank entrance or ATM lobby, providing efficient and optimal security. Each solution is available in a choice of patterns and designs to suit your customer environment.

man showing woman wide folding prestige security door

Slim Line Series Side Folding Security Grilles

If your banking area requires a curved door, look no further than the Slim Line Series. These doors provide ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance as well as the option of installing beneficial maglocks. We recommend our EL or SL Paravent and Prestige models.

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Wlite series security doors in a desjardins bank

Elite Series Side Folding Security Grilles

For consuming larger areas, the Elite Series creates almost limitless creative possibilities. This door stacks up to 40% tighter and available in a variety of durable materials (solid aluminum, polycarbonate, etc.).

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Lift Ready Rolling Security Grilles

For those under a tight deadline or a small budget, the Lift Ready series is a terrific solution. Incredibly easy to install, this door is lightweight and user-friendly for staff. We recommend our Ventana (Perforated) model.

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The Changing Needs Of Financial Institutions And Banks
couple opening up a bank account

The convenience of technology has made banking easy, allowing customers to manage their money through their smart device or desktop. Customers have less time and are unwillingly to wait in line at their local bank. According to research provided by the Financial Brand, a customer will only visit their bank four times a year by 2022.

But even with the excelling advancements in our digital world, people still need cash on hand. So why is it still difficult for customers to visit local branches? Many of it narrows down to an atmosphere of security and aesthetics.

According to the latest research, many financial institutes and banks carry a bad stigma. They are viewed as aged, rundown and unsecure. Also, long line-ups for bank clerks and ATMs don’t help the situation. Also, according to McKinsey & Company, it’s necessary to incorporate an omnichannel banking atmosphere for busy, on-the-go clientele while ensuring effective security.

Our R&D team is continuously innovating to provide highly functional security. For example our patented one-piece hinges are locked into polycarbonate panels, leaving no horizontal breaks and clear visibility for security cameras. And our one-piece door hinges are built stronger and more secure while containing less weight, tighter stacking and easier access for staff. Most side folding doors use piano hinges. A piano hinge is known for its long length, usually running down the entire length of the door. Unfortunately, piano hinges don’t lock-in to the attached security panels, leaving you and your financial institution vulnerable to security breaches.

Since 1975 Dynamic Closures has been leading new security grille solutions – in fact, our founder invented the side folding door. Today, our R&D team continues to develop new solutions for better security closures that are easy to install and use.

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