Dallas Side Folding Security Gates And Grilles

Dynamic Solutions provides storefront security shutters and gates to businesses in the Dallas area.

When you are looking for commercial security gate solutions anywhere in Dallas, look to Dynamic Closures.


If you’re in need of commercial folding security gate solutions in the Dallas area, Dynamic Closures has the right solution for your business or facility.

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of side folding security gates, window bars, accordion gates, scissor gates, and other solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

No matter where in Dallas you’re located—whether your shop, warehouse, or commercial facility is located in Oak Cliff, the Cedars, or Pleasant Grove—we can accommodate the custom design, manufacturing, and installation of your folding security gates. 

Businesses all over Dallas (and the world) trust Dynamic Closures to provide innovative shutters, gates, and security grilles.

We specialize in servicing a wide range of establishments, from small retail stores all the way up to large multinational corporations.

We’ll keep your business safe, providing a fair price without sacrificing security, to many shopping malls and retail areas, including:

If you are looking for a custom closure to protect your Dallas business, browse our product line or speak with us today.

Storefront Security Gates And Grilles For Dallas (And The World)

Dynamic Closures Corporation distributes products to Dallas, TX, as well as throughout North America and internationally.

We started Dynamic Closures back in 1975 with the development and sales of the first side-folding security gates specifically designed for retail stores. Our unique product helped our Canadian company grow quickly, and soon we expanded manufacturing operations and added to our product line.

Today, we offer several side folding gate models, manual and motorized rolling shutters, movable barrier systems and tambour shutters (ideal for securing cabinets, counters and kiosks). Now, businesses and institutions all over the Dallas area use these solutions. Dynamic Closures products can be spotted all over the city, at film and television venues, sporting facilities, educational institutions, malls, airports, banks, and government offices.

Storefront Security Shutters and Gates in Denver

We are C-TPAT and PIP Certified

We are proud to be part of international trade programs that help enhance border security and combat organized crime and terrorism.

Partners in Protection (PIP) is a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) program that enlists the cooperation of private industry to secure the trade chain, one partnership at a time.

Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) partners work with CBP (Customs Border Patrol) to protect their supply chains from concealment of terrorist weapons, and global supply chains are more secure today as a result of C-TPAT. In exchange, CBP provides reduced inspections at the port of arrival and expedited processing at the border.

Our Dallas Commercial Security Gates & Grilles

The EZ Series

The EZ Series lives up to its name by being easy to install and easy on the budget. This security door comes complete with its own pocket, and the curtain is preloaded within it, making assembly a breeze. When delivered to your Dallas location, it’s already 90 percent assembled, saving you both money and time during installation.

In addition to its convenience, the EZ series offers top-notch security with various essential options, such as ADA compliance and emergency egress doors. Its design ensures a sleek appearance as it sits flush with your facility’s wall studs. With these features combined, the EZ Series is undoubtedly a winning choice for your security needs.

The Slim Line Series

The Slim Line series side-folding security doors bring a wealth of flexibility to your business operations. These closures can easily be customized to fit L-shaped or curved pockets, adapting seamlessly to your specific needs. What’s more, they offer a range of options to complement and even enhance the design aesthetic of your Dallas business.

These doors excel in meeting your specifications. Need a product that’s easy to retrofit? Check. Looking for durability with closures crafted from sturdy, practical, and eco-friendly materials? Check. Seeking space-saving solutions when stored? Check. Interested in fire safety and ADA compliant options to ensure the wellbeing of your clientele and staff? Just let us know, and we’ve got you covered! 

Elite Series

The groundbreaking Elite Series offers fewer vertical lines and more visibility for your side-folding security gates. Continuously evolving, this model remains among our most sought-after, and boasts updates that will allow it to stack up to 40% tighter. Whether you’re retrofitting your business, replacing an old door, or securing an extra tall or wide entrance, the Elite Series is your go-to solution.

Elevate your aesthetic or address pocket depth issues with the integrated capability to fine-tune curtain height. Tailor the degree of curve to perfectly suit your Dallas facility’s entrance and incorporate necessary safety features as needed.

Roll and Fold Crowd Control on Patio

Roll & Fold

The Roll and Fold Control System offers your business a unique combination of security and convenience. This trackless barrier on casters is designed to roll smoothly to the spot where you need crowd control. It’s sturdy and self-supporting, yet simple to store when not in use.

No matter what the size of your Dallas premises, you’ll be able to easily direct the public away from areas which are off limits or currently under renovation, and reposition the barrier as required. Available by request: special posts which allow you to bolt the Roll and Fold to a floor or wall.

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