Boston Side Folding Security Gates And Grilles

Are you in search of security gates to safeguard your Boston business or facility?

Dynamic Closures provides storefront security shutters and gates in Boston, Massachusetts. Rely on us for easy-to-use, customizable shutters and doors for your Boston business.

Security Doors and Gates in Boston, MA

As innovators that handle every step of the process from design to manufacturing and installation, we are able to tailor security solutions according to your specific needs. Our doors are durable and built to last. We employ a full-time R&D department dedicated to making our doors better, more cost-effective and stylish. A 6-step quality assurance process includes individual testing on every door we make.

Above and beyond security requirements, we understand that a professional profile can be equally important when searching for the perfect security closure. This is particularly important in Boston, where historical sites like Faneuil Hall are located just a short distance from newer buildings in downtown’s financial district.

Some recent local projects include the EZ Security Grilles installed at the legendary TD Garden arena and the stylish side-folding gates chosen for branches of Santander Bank in Watertown and Rockland, MA. In addition, you can find Dynamic Closures storefront gates at retail locations such as Abercrombie & Fitch located in Southshore Plaza and throughout Massachusetts at Big Y and Price Chopper supermarkets.

Working with us is an easy, straightforward process. We are your trusted source for shutters and gates and the Boston area.

Storefront Security Gates And Grilles For Boston (And The World)

Dynamic Closures Corporation is proud to distribute products throughout the Boston area, across the United States and Canada, and worldwide.

We opened operations in 1975 with the invention of the side folding security gate and initially focused our efforts on retail storefront security solutions.

Since then, the company has grown exponentially, and now our shutters, gates and doors are used across all industries, including healthcare, government, education, community buildings and financial institutes like banks. You’ll also find our products securing kiosks, sports facilities, airport facilities, religious centres, pharmacies, restaurants, and more.

A proudly Canadian company, we attribute our success to three core values: a dedication to innovation and development, a commitment to provide the very highest quality products, and a pledge to deliver exceptional customer service.

In addition, we are actively reducing our environmental footprint and working to improve trade chain and border security. With oversight from an external environmental consultant group, Dynamic is investing in a healthier planet for all of us by eliminating waste throughout our operations, from sourcing to manufacturing to packaging.

In an effort to fight international terrorism and organized crime, Dynamic Closures holds the Trusted Trader certification designated by Partners in Protection (PIP) and Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

Our Boston Commercial Security Gates & Grilles

The EZ Series

Fittingly named, the EZ series is indeed easy to install and to use. This security grille is delivered to your Boston establishment loaded inside its own pocket door, eliminating the need for a general contractor to build an enclosure at your location. In addition, at 6-inches wide, the pocket itself seamlessly integrates with existing wall studs. 

These benefits keep costs low without sacrificing the high standard of security you are looking for. Ask about additional options, including emergency egress solutions and achieving ADA compliance.

The Slim Line Series

For curvatures or L-shaped pocket doors, the Slim Line series offers you the flexibility and security that you seek. 

This line adapts to any requirement you may have. The doors are space-saving (with a 5-inch stack) and easily customizable to fit your Boston business. In fact, they fit openings from counter height to those that extend up to 14 feet tall. Additionally, you’ll find many sleek and sheer options available among the design choices, ideal for businesses that require maximum visibility even when the door is closed.

Elite Series

When we launched the Elite Series, we introduced the world’s first side folding door. This original model is still extremely popular and was recently updated to make it even more desirable.

With an up to 40% tighter stack, the New Elite is a perfect solution for retrofit situations where pocket depth is an issue. It is also the optimal choice if you need to install a security gate in an extra tall or wide entrance because this line has a built-in capability to fine-tune curtain height. Fewer vertical lines will offer expanded visibility into the secured area of your Boston facility.

Roll and Fold Crowd Control on Patio

Roll & Fold

Easy to move and fully self-supporting, the Roll and Fold Control System provides effective crowd control. This strong and durable trackless barrier is designed to roll wherever you may need to direct the public away from certain areas. Often used during renovations or at airports and other venues where floor and ceiling tracks cannot be utilized, these barriers offer your business a unique combination of security and convenience.

For longer-term use, inquire about special posts that allow you to bolt the Roll and Fold system to a floor or wall. All Roll and Fold systems are simple to store when not in use.

Interested In What Dynamic Closures Can Do For You To Make Your Business More Secure And User-Friendly?

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