Manhattan Side Folding Security Gates And Grilles

Dynamic Solutions provides storefront security shutters and gates to businesses in the Manhattan area.

When you are looking for commercial security gate solutions anywhere in Manhattan, look to Dynamic Closures.

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Dynamic Closures is your go-to provider for commercial security grilles and security gate solutions throughout Manhattan. We offer an extensive range of security grilles, side-folding gates, security shutters, and other solutions to ensure the safety and security of your business.

No matter what type of business you have, we’ll tailor our designs, manufacture, and installation of our security grilles to suit your specific needs. Businesses all over Manhattan and beyond trust Dynamic Closures to deliver innovative shutters, gates, and security grilles.

Our expertise extends to servicing a diverse array of establishments, from small retail stores to large multinational corporations. 

Rest assured, we will keep your business secure, offering competitive prices without compromising on safety, catering to many iconic shopping destinations and retail areas, including:

If you are in search of a customized closure to protect your business in the vibrant landscape of Manhattan, browse our product line or speak with us today. 

Storefront Security Gates And Grilles For Manhattan (And The World)

Established in 1975, Dynamic Closures embarked on a journey that revolutionized the security shutter industry. Pioneering the first side-folding security shutters designed specifically for retail stores, our unique products propelled our Canadian company to rapid growth. Over the years, we expanded our manufacturing operations and diversified our product line to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Today, we proudly offer an array of side-folding gate models, manual and motorized rolling shutters, movable barrier systems, and tambour shutters—ideal for securing cabinets, counters, and kiosks. These solutions are now employed by businesses and institutions throughout Manhattan; our products can be found in film and television venues, sporting facilities, educational institutions, malls, airports, banks, and government offices.

Dynamic Closures is committed to international trade programs that enhance border security and combat organized crime and terrorism. As part of the Partners in Protection (PIP) program, a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) initiative, we collaborate with private industry to secure the trade chain. Additionally, as Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) partners, we work with Customs Border Patrol (CBP) to safeguard supply chains from the concealment of terrorist weapons. Through these initiatives, global supply chains are more secure, and we, in turn, benefit from reduced inspections at the port of arrival and expedited processing at the border.

Storefront Security Shutters and Gates in Denver

Our Manhattan Commercial Security Gates & Grilles

The EZ Series

The EZ Series security grilles are tailored for businesses that require quick and efficient access control. With an emphasis on ease of use, the EZ Series ensures that deploying and retracting the security gate is a hassle-free process. This series is ideal for locations where a balance between security and swift access is crucial, such as the main entrance to malls or retail spaces.

The Slim Line Series

The Slim Line Series of security grilles from Dynamic Closures is designed for a variety of retail applications, made especially for businesses seeking a seamless integration of security and style. Its slim profile allows for unobtrusive installation, making it an excellent choice for storefronts with limited space. This series provides a discreet yet effective security solution, ensuring that businesses can showcase their merchandise while maintaining both reliability and a secure environment.

Elite Series

The Elite Series security grille sets the benchmark for maximum security. Constructed with heavy-duty materials and engineering precision, the Elite Series is designed to withstand high-impact scenarios. This makes it the preferred choice for businesses operating in high-security environments, providing unparalleled protection without compromising on aesthetics.

Roll and Fold Crowd Control on Patio

Roll & Fold

Dynamic Closures introduces the Roll and Fold Crowd Control System, an innovative solution for managing crowds and controlling access in public spaces. This system offers versatility, allowing businesses to adapt to different crowd scenarios efficiently.

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