Do you want to offer side folding doors to your product line, but don’t want to  manufacture your own?

Manufacturing, especially custom manufacturing, is expensive and difficult to do well (and profitably) if you don’t specialize.

Dynamic Closures has over 45 years of manufacturing expertise and has refined our processes for maximum efficiency. In short, we can provide better doors for less.

Advantages of reselling with Dynamic:

  1. Provide a wider product variety without the cost or headaches of an in-house manufacturing operation.
  2. Retain customers in house – don’t risk allowing another provider to get their “foot in the door” because you can’t provide a solution.
  3. Add your own branding to our products.
  4. Fully customizable side folding doors can be built to your customer’s exact specifications.
  5. We can ship the doors directly to your customer, saving on delivery costs.
  6. Offer superior side folding doors to other manufacturers. Dynamic Closures is always making improvements. Read about our R & D >

With Dynamic, you get a complete turn key solution. We let you focus on your main line of business, without the worries of losing customers to other providers when they ask for something special.

Ask About Adding Dynamic Doors to Your Product Line

Dynamic Closures currently manufactures side folding for a variety of resellers.

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