roll and fold crowd control system


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This crowd control system is extremely popular with airports and other large venues that want a barrier system that’s easy to move and doesn’t require floor or ceiling tracks.

Restaurants love them to block access to patios when they’re not in service, and they’re also great for securing areas under renovation in larger spaces.

Benefits of the Roll and Fold

Portable Crowd Control When and Where You Need It

The flexible width of the Roll and Fold means you have the ability to secure any area of your facility at any time, and folds away for storage when it’s not needed. Heavy duty casters ensure decades of smooth rolling. The 6 foot 6-inch height means it fits through standard height doorways.

Rest Easy About the Secured Area Staying Secured

The Roll and Fold is fully self-supporting. The hinges open to a maximum of 140° to ensure staff can’t accidentally open it so wide that it falls over when deploying. The casters are lockable to prevent accidental drift.

If you need to lock the Roll and Fold in place for any length of time, you can request locking wall posts or posts that bolt to the floor.

Send the Right Message with the Right Design

You can achieve a variety of looks with the Roll and Fold to send a stronger or softer security message, and harmonize with the branding of the space.

Construction options include rod and link, clear polycarbonate panels, and perforated steel for a mesh-like effect. All aluminum parts are available in a variety of anodized and powder coat colours.

Circumvents Existing Structures in Larger Spaces

It’s easy to get around obstacles like support columns or kiosks in larger spaces. Just let us know about any existing features your Roll and Fold has to get around, and we’ll provide the right width.

Saving Time with Help from Our Veteran Support Team

The experts in our customer support team will help you find the perfect material and finish for your needs, and will even review specifications and work with you to resolve any issues. This ensures that errors are caught before manufacturing occurs, saving money and time.

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RF Paravent

CSI Division: 10 22 23

  • Material: Perforated steel panels.
  • Hinge: Powder coated steel.
  • Casters: Polyolefin wheel with swivel and brake
  • Max Height: 6’6” – to fit through standard height doors.
  • Max Width: unlimited.

RF Prestige

CSI Division: 10 22 23

  • Material: Polycarbonate panel in aluminum frame. Hinge: Powder coated steel.
  • Casters: Polyolefin wheel with swivel and brake
  • Max Height: 6’6” – to fit through standard height doors.
  • Max Width: unlimited.

Rod Link

CSI Division: 10 22 23

  • Material: Aluminum rod and link – straight pattern.
  • Hinge: Powder coated steel.
  • Casters: Polyolefin wheel with swivel and brake.
  • Max Height: 6’6” – to fit through standard height doors.
  • Max Width: unlimited.

Features and Options

No Header, Track, or Holes in Floor Required

If you need light traffic and crowd control but don’t want a permanent installation, the Roll and Fold is the answer. There’s no header needed, no track to install, and no holes in the floor.

If your facility has structural obstacles like columns, the Roll and Fold is easy to position around them.

The Roll and Fold has optional locking posts (see below) but can be easily wheeled in and out of storage by one person. Storage area required will depend on how long a door you need. Height is always 6’6” to fit through standard doors.

Heavy Duty, Lockable Casters

  • Easy rolling, independent swivel for maneuverability
  • Durable hard rubber won’t leave marks on floors
  • Zinc-plated metal for corrosion resistance

Anti-Sway Latches

The latch is specially designed to keep the entire curtain together when the Roll and Fold is being moved from storage to deployed position. It also keeps the door panels slightly separated for safe moving.

Colour Options

The Roll and Fold has your choice of clear, black, bronze, light bronze or champagne anodized finishes.

Alternately, we can provide almost any colour in a powder coat finish.

Optional Locking Posts

While the Roll and Fold stands on its own, for more stringent security you can optionally order locking posts that are either:

  • Wall Channel posts: a full height extruded piece of aluminum that is secured permanently to a wall and to the end of the Roll and Fold.
  • Wall Channel and Hookbolt post: with cylinders secure side and public side activating hook bolt lock engaging wall channel.
  • Mounting Tube: a 3” x 3” x 6’ 6” steel tube with 5” x 7” steel floor base.
  • Bi-Part posts: these join together two sections of Roll and Folds. With cylinders secure side and public side.This is great for extremely long doors.

Easy to Change Cylinder Locks

If you’re using any optional locking posts, you can choose between:

  • 1” mortise cylinder locks.
  • SFIC housing and cores that can be easily changed to work with your internal key system and updated as needed

Materials Options

With different models you get steel perforated, aluminum rod link, and aluminum with clear polycarbonate panels.

The Roll and Fold crowd control system is ideal for these applications and situational needs.


  • Any size facility with ongoing renovations, especially airports
  • Seasonal patios in restaurants, bars, resorts, and private clubs


  • Portability is essential
  • Temporary lockdown
  • Straight openings
  • Curved openings
  • L-shaped openings
  • Very long widths are needed
  • Specification
  • Specification
  • Specification
  • Drawing
    • Floor and Counter Socket
    • Post 1 Wall Channel Mounting Details Gen3
    • Post 10 Fixed Post Mounting Details Gen3