Dynamic Closures makes a great variety of security doors, security grilles, and cabinet shutters for a wide variety of applications.

  • Retail store fronts in malls.
  • Mall kiosks.
  • Store-within-a-store applications.
  • Restaurants within stores.
  • Fast food counters in food courts.
  • Specialty counters in grocery stores.
  • Specialty aisles with different hours than the overall store, for example, liquor aisles.
  • Display cabinets for high price point products.
  • Exterior security for streetfront stores.
  • Traffic control for restaurants with patios.
  • Mobile crowd control gates for airports and railway stations. Especially useful for areas under renovation.
  • Concessions security within shopping concourses.
  • Service desks and kiosks.
  • Pharmacy counters.
  • Visitor centres in clinics and hospitals.


  • Service counters in public schools, colleges and universities.
  • Food Service and cafeteria
  • Libraries.
  • Recreation centres.
  • Arenas/stadiums.
  • Churches.
  • Security grilles for office reception areas and public entrances.
  • Securing sensitive areas within larger, open access offices.


  • Protection for bay doors.
  • Machine Guarding
  • Work Cell Enclosures
  • Asset Protection (tool cribs, maintenance parts, inventory control)
  • Protection for ATM Lobby.
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant side folding security doors.
  • Clear visibility for security cameras.

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We make side folding doors and overhead rolling doors with customizable looks to suit the architectural intent of almost any space.