Post Types And Descriptions

Our security grilles use several types of posts for locking and also for adding structure to the curtain. The most popular are illustrated here. The benefits and advantages can be found below.

Top View Of Posts

Elevation View Of Posts

Post Descriptions

1. Wall Channels

This extruded aluminum channel is secured permanently to the wall, and extends from the floor to the track on the ceiling. It provides a receptacle for hookbolt locks.

2. HookBolt Posts

This is one of the two options for the leading edge of the door. This post has a hookbolt lock that secures it to the wall channel. Optional double hookbolt or top locking is available.

3. Bipart Posts

A bipart is a pair of posts that lock together with a hookbolt. There is an added lock rod to keep the curtain in place. The lock rod is only visible from the secure side of the curtain, and fits into a floor or counter socket.

5. Intermediate Post

Intermediates are middle posts in a door located between door sections. They should be located at intervals no more than 10’ along straight sections of door. On sweeping curves, they should be placed closer together, and on or near the center of standard curves.

7. Top And Bottom Locking Post

One of the two options for the end of a door. With this post type, spring-loaded lock rods engage a floor or counter socket and the track support. They are unlocked with a keyed cylinder, thumbturn, or ADA Turnknob. Optional leading edge treatments also include a rubber bumper, a flange, or a blank face.

9. Trailing End Post

The trailing post terminates a door inside of a pocket (storage area). It is free to travel back and forth inside of the pocket.

10. Fixed End Post

Fixes the end of a door permanently to a wall or structure.

Benefits And Advantages

We design our door posts with:

1. Interchangeable Stacking Direction

Feel free to change which side the door stacks to during installation, or where you would like to place a bipart. All of our posts feature the same universal connector, allowing for flexible placement of posts in the final door assembly.

2. Reversible Locking

Did you order the locks on the wrong side of the door? No problem. All of our posts can be turned around in the track to put the locks where you need them.

On top of that, when a lead post is ordered with a single-sided lock, it will automatically be equipped with a dummy cylinder on the opposite side. This not only allows the post to be reversed, but also means that if you change your mind down the road, the post is all set to accept a second thumbturn or cylinder.

3. Adjustable Height

Every post hanger is adjustable to help with height variances on site. Every hookbolt lock plate is adjustable to make sure the door locks securely every time. Every lock rod is adjustable

4. Recessed Hardware

Our unique post design recesses the locking hardware to provide a polished look and avoid bumps and dings caused by protruding parts.

5. Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion on lock and door components can not only be unsightly, but can cause performance issues or component failure over time.

That why all of the components in our posts are made of corrosion resistant materials, from extruded aluminum and high performance plastics, to plated and stainless steels.

6. Pull Straps

Doors just work better when operated correctly. To help with that, all leading posts over 9’ tall come with a high quality pull strap that makes it easy to pull the door down the track and around curves.

The quick-set clip allows you to make the straps as long or short as you need for your application.

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