You’ll find an incredible variety of commercial security closures available to meet the needs of your space.

We offer side folding doors and overhead rolling security doors that can fit any opening from the smallest cabinet up to the most massive retail entrances.

If you need a custom door, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly easy to get exactly what you want. We have a long history of innovation that continues today. This innovation shows not only in custom solutions, but in the attention to detail that makes doors easier to install and easier for end users to operate. It also shows in how our doors can keep spaces secured without sacrificing elegance and brand awareness.

Whether it’s for a retail space, a community facility, an industrial space, or an office, our security closures are built to meet your exact needs.

Explore Our Product Line

Side Folding Doors

If you want a door with a curved track or have an L-shaped opening to secure, choose a side folding door. Side folding closures have the ability to fill irregular openings so there is less need to compromise the architectural intent. Available in heights up to 14′ (more with custom orders).

Rod Link Model

Roll and Fold Crowd Control System

If you are looking for a portable system that can navigate around irregular objects and pack up in a breeze, the Roll and Fold Crowd Control System has it. Lockable casters to prevent accidental drift, and hinge maximums to ensure it stays up while deploying ensures that the Roll and Fold is both safe and effective.

Lift Ready Pristine (Polycarbonate)

Our Commercial Roll Up Doors

If you want a motorized operator, or have limited space at the sides of the opening for storing the door curtain, choose on overhead rolling closure. Our overhead rolling grilles have a just as much selection of materials, patterns, and finishes and colors as our side folding models.

Mini Roll Up Shutter (RF40)

Mini Roll Up Commercial Shutters

For smaller openings, the Mini Roll Up shutter has an easy to mount header and locking options for a variety of spaces. Crank opening, manual lift or electric motor options for operating the shutter available. Perfect for smaller storefronts, doors, kiosks and more.

CTS-M Solid Aluminum Shutters

Tambour Shutters

The Tambour shutter is made for keeping your merchandise safe. Easily moved to your current keying system, with no counterbalance weight required. This shutter is perfect for commercial display cabinets, pharmacy counters, and anywhere a small opening needs maximum security.

Advantages Of Dynamic Closures

When you work with us, you get a project partner that delivers.

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