You’ll find an incredible variety of commercial security doors and security grilles available to meet the needs of your space.

We offer side folding doors and overhead rolling doors that can fit any opening from the smallest cabinet up to the most massive retail entrances.

If you need a custom door, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly easy to get exactly what you want. We have a long history of innovation that continues today. This innovation shows not only in custom solutions, but in the attention to detail that makes doors easier to install and easier for end users to operate. It also shows in how our doors can keep spaces secured without sacrificing elegance and brand awareness.

Whether it’s for a retail space, a community facility, an industrial space, or an office, our security doors are built to meet your exact needs.


Side folding grilles and closures have the ability to fill irregular openings so there is less need to compromise the architectural intent.

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Overhead rolling doors have a selection of materials, patterns, and finishes. You can keep your space secure and still tempt window shoppers.

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Advantages of Dynamic Closures

When you work with us, you get a project partner that delivers.

  1. Built to last: we design doors to last for decades and look good with age.
  2. Choose from our catalogue of most popular models, or request a custom door.
  3. Lots of options in materials, patterns, finishes, and colours. Many models have unlimited powder-coat colours available.
  4. Designed for easy installation.
  5. Our customer support team helps you choose the right options for your projects. We even provide custom CAD files and technical drawings, and double check your specifications.
  6. 6-step Quality Assurance process includes individual testing for every door we make.
  7. Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant options available.
  8. Full-time R&D department that keeps finding ways to make our doors better, more cost effective, and more stylish. 3D rapid prototyping means our design-to-rollout cycle is shorter and less expensive.
  9. Patented 1-piece hinge that doesn’t develop the dreaded “black smudge” that makes other doors look ugly as early as 6 months after installation.
  10. Stronger door hangers that mean your doors can be up to 25’ tall.
  11. Dust prevention floor sockets available, as well as health-code compliant countertop sockets.
  12. Locking cylinders are replaceable and/or rekeyable to make security updates a breeze.
  13. Emergency egress solutions and many other safety features available to ensure your project stays compliant with local fire codes.
  14. Overhead rolling doors are available with motorized operators or can be operated manually.
  15. Our company is C-TPAT and PIP certified.
  16. Surprisingly green: we recycle all our aluminum chips, and can provide any documentation you need for LEED certification.

Dynamic Closures was founded in 1975 and we’re still growing strong. We have built the kind of expertise in our workforce that means you get better solutions and better service.

Applications for Our Commercial Security Doors

Our security grilles are ideal for the following:

  1. Retail storefronts, especially in malls and airports. We also provide suitable protective grilles for exterior-facing windows and doors.
  2. Kiosks.
  3. Office spaces.
  4. Information counters at schools, community centres, and more.
  5. Lunch counters – including features that comply with local health codes.
  6. Cabinet shutters.
  7. We can provide rolling crowd control doors for airports and restaurants.

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