About Us

is our cornerstone

We invest in new technology and in employee development.

Providing an environment of empowerment with accountability allows every employee to share in the Company’s success.

Quality Products And Services.

Dynamic will only partner with suppliers of high quality goods and services so we can continue to raise the bar with outstanding products, LEED certified materials and Customer Service.

Our Pledge

We place our customer’s needs above all else, always exceeding their expectations. Dynamic’s atmosphere of innovation allows us to continuously improve our products, our methods and ourselves. We will demonstrate daily that we are the leaders in our industry by producing innovative products of the highest quality, in the most efficient, timely and environmentally friendly manner.

Company History

Founded in 1975, Dynamic Closures traces its roots to the invention of the side folding security grille.

Manufacturing began in a modest three thousand square foot manufacturing facility in Brossard, Quebec. The company primarily manufactured and supplied side folding products for storefront security in shopping malls. Quickly building upon their early successes, Dynamic Closures expanded into to the US market and moved operations to Cornwall, Ontario in 1978 which provided a closer proximity to the US border.

Fast Growth

In 1981 Dynamic moved to our present day picturesque location just off the banks of the St Lawrence River in the Township of South Stormont, west of Cornwall, Ontario. In the 80’s, Dynamic Closures also expanded their product line to include rolling doors, and other specialty products.

During that time the Company expanded their presence into Europe and established a manufacturing facility in Australia providing the sale and distribution of Dynamic’s unique high-quality products on a more global scale.

Ongoing Innovation

Dynamic Closures continued to grow, by bringing to market industry-leading products, such as the perforated side folding closure, the innovative side folding security door design and the amazing roll up security doors – Lift Ready® rolling grille. Over the years, the effectiveness and flexibility of these products began to see them used increasingly outside of the traditional retail security market, including areas such as schools, airports, government and public buildings, medical facilities, stadiums and arenas, museums, and a multitude of others.

Years of day-in-day-out performance with integrity, tremendous customer care, and innovative designs that are constantly improved upon has positioned the Company as the leader in the aluminum security grille/door industry.

Dynamic Closures has been able to form long term partnerships with several high-profile retail chains and multinational door manufactures. The Company operates through a network of distributors throughout North America and around the globe and is a member of the International Door Association (IDA).

Environmental Management

It’s not enough to manufacture recyclable products. It’s important to keep searching for new ways to green the manufacturing process as well.

Dynamic Closures Corporation has worked with external environmental consultants for over 15 years. Dynamic consistently looks to improve operations in the most eco-friendly way possible. Our environmental approach has had a profound effect on Dynamic’s everyday thought process.

Dynamic’s Environmental Management Group meets regularly and discussion of how to do things better and Greener is the agenda. But it does not end there. Dynamic has made dramatic improvements over the years, eliminating waste throughout our operations, from sourcing to manufacturing to packaging.

How We Have Reduced Our Environmental Footprint

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to reduce our environmental footprint:

  1. Dynamic uses an aluminum chip collection system which is attached to all saws so the small aluminum shavings can be captured and sent into our recycling. This helps ensure that none of our aluminum waste reaches a landfill.
  2. Outbound shipments are packaged with a brilliant use of recycled paper. We also use a converting machine to recycle our own corrugated cut-offs into packaging material.
  3. Older heaters have been replaced with more efficient units, reducing our BTU faceplate capacity by 67%, again cutting our energy costs and making the work more environmentally friendly.
  4. Our water bottle refill stations allow our employees to use refillable containers, reducing plastic bottle usage.
  5. We have installed high-output fluorescent lighting in the factory. This saves about 15% on energy costs and makes for a better, brighter work environment.
  6. Wall mounted circulating fans move the air in the factory, providing a warming effect in the winter and cooling in the summer. This means we use less energy for heating and cooling.
  7. Forklifts are electric, not propane. The green reasoning is that Dynamic’s power source is Hydro electric-generated and we do not contribute greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly.

Dynamic understands there will always be better, greener ways to accomplish even the most basic tasks. As new ideas surface and technology improves, we will continue to invest in a healthier planet for all of us.

C-TPAT And PIP Certified

Partners In Protection (PIP)

Partners in Protection (PIP) is a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) program that enlists the cooperation of private industry to enhance border and trade chain security, combat organized crime and terrorism and help detect and prevent contraband smuggling.

It is a program that aims to secure the trade chain, one partnership at a time. PIP members agree to implement and adhere to high security standards while the CBSA agrees to assess their security measures, provide information sessions on security issues and offer other benefits. Member companies are recognized as being trusted traders, which allows the CBSA to focus its resources on areas of higher or unknown risk.

Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

The Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is, beyond question, the largest and most successful government-private sector partnership to emerge from the ashes of 9/11.

Since the beginning, the guiding principles of C-TPAT have been voluntary participation and jointly developed security criteria, best practices and implementation procedures. C-TPAT partners have worked with CBP (Customs Border Patrol) to protect their supply chains from concealment of terrorist weapons, and global supply chains are more secure today as a result of C-TPAT. In exchange, CBP provides reduced inspections at the port of arrival and expedited processing at the border.

The C-TPAT Strategic Plan Is Designed To

  1. Improve security  of a significant percentage of shipments to the United States ;
  2. Provide benefits and incentives to private sector companies that meet or exceed C-TPAT supply chain security criteria and best practices;
  3. Concentrate CBP’s  inspectional resources and capabilities on higher risk shipments.

“Indeed, C-TPAT is a model program for the security and facilitation of commerce and trade in this era of global terrorism.”
– Commissioner Robert C. Bonner