Portland Side Folding Security Gates And Grilles

For security shutters and gates in the Portland area, choose the industry leader.

Dynamic Closures provides fully customizable retail shutters and doors to businesses in and around Portland, Oregon.

Dynamic Closures provides fully customizable retail shutters and doors to businesses in and around Portland, Oregon.

Portland is a special place thanks to a continued dedication to innovation, sustainability and accessibility. Dynamic proudly shares these values. Throughout the entire process, from design to manufacturing and installation, we continuously work to improve our methods and products in clean and creative ways.

Our storefront security shutters and gates are found throughout the city and surrounding suburbs of Portland. If you are downtown enjoying delicious Stumptown coffee, taking in the music scene or strolling the streets to discover tasty food truck fare, you’re likely to see our doors. The Hyatt Regency Hotel appreciates the style, practicality and security of the Elite Series, and Portland State University uses our Slim Line side-folding security doors on campus. In addition, you can find Dynamic doors at retail locations such as Petco and Wal-Mart, Joe’s Burgers restaurants, and 24 Hour Fitness locations.

Our security closures are built to meet any aesthetic or security need. Browse our product line of popular models, or speak with us about designing a custom door.

Storefront Security Gates And Grilles For Portland (And The World)

Dynamic Closures Corporation distributes products to Portland, Oregon, throughout the United States and Canada, and globally.

With the introduction of the world’s first side folding gate, we opened the doors to our company in 1975. Initially, we focused solely on solutions for the retail space. However, our Canadian manufacturing operation grew quickly, and today we lead the industry and provide security closures for any business. Our shutters and gates grant security and access control to offices, sports facilities, airports, churches, hotels, and other organizations. You’ll also find our doors securing industrial spaces and healthcare, government, education, local community buildings and finance facilities.

Dynamic Closures provides fully customizable retail shutters and doors to businesses in and around Portland, Oregon.

Much like the population of Portland, OR, the team at Dynamic is a mindful community. We aim to work in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible, and to help us do this, we have partnered with an environmental consulting firm for over a decade. These efforts have led to many improvements that limit our carbon footprint, such as adopting a machine that recycles our cardboard waste and converts it into packing materials, utilizing electric-only forklifts, and installing energy-saving lighting and heating sources.

Beyond greening our operations, we work with integrity and pledge to: 

  • foster an environment of continual innovation, 
  • produce the highest-quality products available, and 
  • exceed customer expectations at all times.

Furthermore, as an international company, we have a vested interest in strengthening supply chains worldwide. We do our part to curb terrorism and organized crime by serving as a certified member of both Partners in Protection (PIP) and Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

Our Portland Commercial Security Gates & Grilles

The EZ Series

Aptly named, the EZ Series is both easy on the budget and a breeze to use. These security grilles arrive 90% assembled upon delivery at your Portland location and are conveniently preloaded into a 6-inch wide pocket that sits flush with existing wall studs. Installation is a quick and straightforward process. 

Choose from various designs to compliment your facility, and be sure to ask about add-ons, such as code-compliant emergency egress doors and enhanced ADA compliance options.

The Slim Line Series

Turn to the Slim Line Series if you are looking for flexible configurations that adapt to your needs. Readily customizable, these security doors span from counter height to 14 feet tall and easily enclose curved or L-shaped openings.

With a clean design and a minimal 5-inch stack, Slim Line doors will add a sleek look to your Portland business. You can easily maintain visual access to your space while creating the separation you require. A variety of safety and ADA-compliant options are available to choose from.

Elite Series

Introduced as the world’s original side-folding door, the strong and secure Elite Series remains one of our most popular models. We’ve now refined this favourite to be even better. It stacks up to 40 percent tighter and is lighter and easier to open and close.

If you need to replace an old door, retrofit an entrance, or accommodate extra tall or wide spaces, consider the Elite; it has a built-in capability to fine-tune curtain height and can accommodate curved openings. Additionally, there are a large variety of materials and finishes that will perfectly integrate with the aesthetics of your Portland facility.

Roll and Fold Crowd Control on Patio

Roll & Fold

As a repositionable barrier, the Roll and Fold Control System directs traffic flow away from protected areas. Easily move it wherever needed or add special posts that bolt to the floor (or a wall) for long-term use in a single area.

Without the need for a track, this convenient and unique solution quickly becomes indispensable. Furthermore, it stacks smaller than traditional scissor gates and comes in a wide range of materials and designs.

Interested In What Dynamic Closures Can Do For You To Make Your Business More Secure And User-Friendly?

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