Reception Desk Security Screens

Reception Desk Security Screens

A reception area is a transitional space that should be welcoming, secure, practical, and brand-aware.

It’s not easy to design a space that ticks all those boxes, especially in facilities like hospitals, schools, or community centres where there’s also a service counter component. For public-facing desks, creating after-hours security for computer terminals, phone systems, visitor badge systems, and other sensitive equipment is essential.

Industries we provide reception desk security screens for:

  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Police stations
  • Schools
  • Commercial buildings

Many architects and designers are surprised to learn that securing the desk is the easy part. Thanks to Dynamic Closure’s wide selection in materials, patterns, finishes and even colors, security screens can even enhance the design aesthetic of your installation project.

You’ll be able to protect staff with our robust, durable materials like aluminum, steel and polycarbonate are available in security screens with different levels of opacity and airflow. Options range from solid panels to perforated screens to rod-and-link grilles. We can even create custom solutions, thanks to our in-house R&D team.

What do they have in common? They’re all designed to be user-friendly, secure, and visually appealing. All you have to do is choose the one that works best with your client’s brand.

Talk to us about your project – we’d be happy to help guide you to the best security grille solution you need.

Security Screen Options For Reception Desks

As most service counters have corners, we offer a selection of side-folding security screens that are easy to use and bolt into dust-proof sockets at key points. There are lots of locking options, including maglocks that interface with popular security systems.

Each series offers almost unlimited options in look and feel, including custom curved tracks. Because we bend our track ourselves, it saves delivery time. Manufacturing errors in final products are eliminated because we assemble and test every security screen ourselves.

We have three main types of security solutions. Each is available in a variety of patterns and design choices.

Designing Reception Areas For Full Usability

Receptionist Greeting Client

Reception areas are complex spaces. Depending on the size and type of building you’re designing, its functions may include some or even all of the following:

  • Visitor access control. This can include identity verification, the issuing of temporary electronic access cards for entering locked doors, or even security scanning.
  • Information access by the public, either in terms of wayfinding or in terms of files and records.
  • Package delivery and rerouting, if the facility doesn’t have a mailroom.
  • Main phone line monitoring if a separate phone room isn’t an option.
  • Lineup management. Large or small, people need to know where the line starts and where it should go if it gets longer.
  • Financial transactions, with or without cash registers.
  • Coatroom (or even coat check). In winter, outdoor footwear storage for visitors and sometimes employees can be a consideration for small facilities in cold climates.
  • Seating for anyone who needs to wait. If they’re waiting, they’ll bring out their phones and laptops and get things done, so an easy to find Wi-Fi password and easy to access outlets help them feel at home.
  • Advertising – when you have a captive audience, a slideshow on a wall-mounted LCD can make an impression.
  • Egress. In some cases, the reception area is the main point of egress for employees as well as visitors, complicating the monitoring of traffic by staff.
  • Restroom access for anyone who can’t be allowed into the secured area.

Not only do they have many practical functions to fulfill, reception areas often need to excite or inspire visitors as well, often with natural light and dramatic lines.

In the quest to create a good visual first impression, however, some key considerations are often left out. These include:

  • Sound dampening. If the receptionist is answering the phone, ideally the conversations are kept confidential from anyone who is waiting nearby.
  • Security. For some facilities, reception layout needs to be designed so that anyone who is not welcomed can be denied access. Structuring elements so that staff have good sightlines of the entire area, face incoming traffic, and can effectively deny access to unauthorized persons. In situations like these, a physical barrier will ensure that unwanted entrants can neither sneak past reception nor force their way through.

No matter what type of reception area you’re designing, you’ll find that not only does Dynamic offer a wide selection of security screens, we offer complete support to our architects and designers. This includes free BIM object downloads, the creation of custom CAD files when needed, and Division 08 specifications checks.

It all adds up to a solution that not only helps you provide value to your clients but helps you save valuable time in the process.

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