Airport Security Closure Options

Architects have a number of important balances to strike when designing for airports:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing design vs effective security.
  2. Designing to ease the stress of travel vs designing to enhance the excitement.
  3. Maintaining easy traffic flow through the facility vs maximizing concessions sales.
  4. Traffic flow for outgoing passengers vs traffic flow for incoming passengers, especially those with connecting flights.
  5. Visual language for the airport as a whole vs individual concession brand identities.
  6. Designing for current needs vs allowing flexibility for future market changes – especially changes in security technology.

While we can’t promise we’ll make those choices easier; we can provide you with an incredible variety of options in security closures so that you can find a solution that works. We can also provide custom solutions when needed, thanks to our in-house R&D team.

Our new clients are often amazed at how many options we can provide in terms of materials, patterns, finishes, and even colours. We have so many options that Ron Blanks and Associates tapped us to teach their course on Div 08 Architectural Options. We are well suited to provide the best solution for added security without taking away from the storefront.

The Three Types Of Solutions For Airport Security Closures

We have three main types of security door solutions. Each is available in a variety of patterns and design choices.

Roll And Fold Crowd Control System

The Roll And Fold Mobile Crowd Control System

Perfect for airports with ongoing renovations, the Roll and Fold can be easily stored, deployed, optionally locked in places, and redeployed over and over again. With no permanent installation, the grill can be moved, and as an easy fold crowd control system, it is a secure barrier that provides maximum security while offering easy installation for your security team.

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Airport Duty Free Side Folding Doors

Side Folding Doors

If your concession or kiosk has a large degree of curvature, an otherwise irregular opening, or if meeting ADA accessibility guidelines is essential, side-folding doors are a smart choice. Side folding grilles or tempered glass are durable and provide added security to the storefront when outside business hours.

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Overhead Rolling Doors Mont Blanc

Overhead Rolling Doors

If your door will need a motorized operator, or if space for a door pocket on the side is limited, choose an overhead rolling door.

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Making The Most Of Airport Concessions

Airport concessions are an important draw for travellers who can often choose between multiple airports. When done right, they can even draw non-travellers to shop, dine, and enjoy services like spa treatments. They can transform a transportation hub into a shared space for the entire community.

For airport managers, revenue from concessions is a vital source of funding. Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, after an extensive optimization effort, brought revenue from non-airline sources up to 46% of total operating revenue (according to a presentation delivered to Airports Council International of North America).

To attract great retailers, you have to provide what they need. Foot traffic. Advertising. Support services. Even special events and contests. In short, you have to set them up for success. To operate in a secure space that will attract customers and prevent theft, the right model exists with the features needed for each business or office. A security grille pays for itself quickly in the time and money saved in operating costs. Perforated steel or aluminum, grilles or windows security shutters, there are many different models with safety features that will help select the right security grille for each business.

How Security Closures Help Achieve Concessionaire Goals

So how can a humble security closure help draw the kind of concessions that will help make the airport a destination?
They can make a big difference by:

  • Harmonizing with the look and feel of prestige brands to reinforce desirability.
  • Tempting window shoppers to take a good look at products even when the store or kiosk is closed.
  • Providing reliable ease of operation for concession staff when opening and closing.
  • Interfacing with a variety of ACS (access control systems) and BAS (building automation systems) to provide data that can be used in decision making.
  • Having easy-to-upgrade locking systems in case of employee turnover.
  • Offering unparalleled ease of installation.

In highly competitive environments, any advantage can play a key part in the overall success of the facility. In short, the security door you choose can be an important decision for your project.

We’re Here To Help You Select The Right Door

Dynamic offers several time-saving services that can help make the selection of your security closure effortless:

  • Help with door selection to meet your project parameters.
  • Free BIM object downloads.
  • Division 08 specification checks that catch mistakes even experienced commercial architects can make.
  • Creating custom CAD files when needed.
  • Custom door designs on request.

Our level of support is unparalleled in security door manufacturing. We are the best in the business for industrial applications, as well as office and business security grilles and folding grilles for controlling high traffic areas.

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