Edmonton Side Folding Security Gates and Grilles

Are you looking for Edmonton retail store security shutters & gates?

Turn to the experts. Dynamic Closures provides storefront security shutters & gates in Edmonton, Alberta.

Dynamic Closures provides secure, easy-to-use folding security gates and doors in Edmonton, Alberta. Whatever your security needs are, we are capable of fully customizing a security solution for your business.

We are a proud Canadian manufacturer and our company is unique – we handle everything from inception to installation. Dynamic Closures designs, produces and installs storefront security shutters and doors, making working with us an easy, straightforward process.

We’ve worked in and around Alberta’s capital city for years, and we understand that a security gate directly reflects the professional appearance of your business. 

We’re proud of the aesthetic we’ve created for companies in the area. We have installed many retail store security shutters and gates in Edmonton, including side folding doors at Lammle’s Western Wear located within the biggest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall. We’ve also supplied folding gates and overhead rolling shutters to financial institutions, airports, schools, and other enterprises, such as:

Storefront Security Gate Solutions In Edmonton

Dynamic Closures Corporation is a proud Canadian company. We opened in 1975 with our invention of the side folding security grille. Initially, we focused mainly on retail security. 

Fortunately, we have experienced continued growth ever since and now manufacture and supply side folding security grilles and doors to a wide range of organizations. You’ll find Dynamic Closures products in airports, government buildings, medical facilities, stadiums, and a number of other venues.

Our products are distributed throughout the Edmonton area, across Canada and the United States, and all around the globe.

We connect our success to three core values we stand by: a dedication to innovation and development, providing only the highest quality products, and delivering exceptional customer service.

In addition, we’ve pledged to reduce our environmental footprint and to enhance trade chain and border security. We are diligently working towards these goals. With guidance from an Environmental Management Group, we recycle the aluminum waste from our manufacturing process and the cardboard cuts from packaging. We also use energy-efficient heating, lighting, and forklifts in our plant.

In an effort to fight international terrorism and organized crime, Dynamic Closures is certified as a trusted trader by Partners in Protection (PIP) and Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

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Our Edmonton Commercial Security Gates & Grilles

The EZ Series

The EZ Series is easy on the budget and easy to install. These security doors come with the curtain preloaded into its own pocket, meaning the door delivered to your Edmonton business is already 90 percent assembled. The EZ series allows you to save time and money.

This series also offers the high standard of security you are looking for, plus several important options, including ADA compliance and emergency egress doors. The bonus is its sleek appearance; it sits flush with your facility’s wall studs and blends in seamlessly.

The Slim Line Series

If you require L-shaped or curved pocket doors, the Slim Line series is the perfect option for you. These side-folding security doors offer your business a great deal of flexibility and can be produced to fit and secure your Edmonton business.

These doors are sure to check most of your boxes. They are simple to retrofit, secure, fire-safe, ADA compliant, and space-saving. In fact, they have a 5-inch stack, allowing you to use more space for your secured area than other doors.

Elite Series

Our original side folding door is still one of our most popular models. The Elite series is ideal when you want to retrofit or replace an old door. It is also perfect if you need to install a security gate in an extra tall or wide entrance because this line has a built-in capability to fine-tune curtain height. It offers expanded visibility into the secured area of your Edmonton facility.

Recently, the Elite was updated to make the stack up to 40% tighter. Achieve the sleeker look you desire with this line of doors.

Roll and Fold Crowd Control on Patio

Roll & Fold

The Roll and Fold Control System is unique. This barrier is trackless and designed to roll smoothly to wherever you might need crowd control. It’s strong and durable yet simple to store when not in use.

In essence, it offers your business a unique combination of security and convenience. Whenever needed, you’ll be able to easily direct traffic away from areas you’d like to restrict access to. Ask for special posts that allow you to bolt the Roll and Fold system to a floor or wall.

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