Types Of Commercial Security Doors: Security Grilles vs. Closures

Navigating the terminology around the best security doors for businesses can be challenging due to the sheer number of options and solutions available. To eliminate any confusion, let’s explore the definitions, specifically security grilles and security closures.

Terminology: Security Grilles, Security Closures and More

Security grilles and security closures can be either roll-up or side-folding doors. While both serve as crime deterrents, their respective designs distinguish the two.

The term “grille” specifically implies an open-air design, generally characterized by rod and link construction. Security closures, on the other hand, are typically a solid form of security door, often made of solid aluminum with little to no openings for airflow. There are many models of both types to choose from.

(It is worth mentioning that a third term, security shutter, is also often misunderstood. What makes security shutters unique is that they are exclusively roll-up-style security doors. Security shutters can be manually operated or motorized and have either a grille or solid closure design.)

How Do Security Grilles Work?

An aluminum rod and link security grille protects windows, doors, storefronts, and other openings from unauthorized access and acts as a visual deterrent against burglary or vandalism.

These side-folding doors consist of individual panel segments that are hinged together, allowing them to fold and stack to the side when not in use. When fully deployed, the panels form a barrier that can be locked into place. Roll-up grilles are constructed using the same interlocking aluminum rods and links, but the connections are horizontal. These rolling grilles are mounted on a coil, which enables them to roll up and down when needed. Roll-up grilles can be opened manually or motorized for convenient opening and closing.

Benefits and Applications of Security Grilles


Security grilles provide excellent visibility due to the open-air rod and link design of the entire curtain assembly. As a result, businesses can showcase their merchandise while protecting it. The Slimline SL124 is a perfect option to accomplish this.

Size and Weight

At Dynamic Closures, we custom-make security doors to fit almost any size opening. The rod and link construction of grilles reduces the amount of material used, making them lighter in weight and allowing us to push maximum size limits. Therefore, if you need to secure a sizable opening, we highly recommend considering security grilles. Due to the limited amount of material required, you’ll also find that security grilles are a very cost-effective solution.

Air Circulation

Side-folding and roll-up security grilles offer the advantage of providing a fresh and well-ventilated environment. They can be used inside and outside your business and are often chosen as outdoor solutions because they don’t create a wind tunnel effect (which can damage a door).


Installation of roll-up and side-folding grilles is quick and hassle-free. At Dynamic Closures, we’ve designed it to be convenient for your general contractor, so installs are usually completed within a few hours or a day. In many cases, the process can happen overnight to avoid disruptions during business hours.


There are many ways to ensure your side-folding or rolling grille complements your corporate style and incorporates your preferences. Depending on the model you choose, the rod and link designs form different patterns. For example, the Lift Ready Labyrinth model resembles a brick pattern, while the Lift Ready Portcullis model is a linear grid.

In addition to design choices, you can select from various colours and finishes, including clear, black, bronze, light bronze, champagne, and several powder coat colours.

Industries that Use Security Grilles

Because they are so versatile, many industries utilize security grilles. For example, you’ll find them at airports, schools, convention centers, sporting facilities and shopping malls. They’re also commonly used to wrap around and protect pharmacy counters and hotel bars.

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How Do Security Closures Work?

Security closures work in the same way as grilles do and are also available as side-folding or roll-up overhead doors. Closures, however, are typically made of solid aluminum, perforated aluminum, or a combination of rod and link with polycarbonate panels.

Side-folding security closures consist of many solid panels hinged together, forming a strong and secure lockable barrier when in use. When not needed, these panels fold up and tuck away into a stack. Roll-up closures featuring horizontally aligned panels are integrated with a coil mechanism, permitting easy manual or motorized door operation.

Benefits and Applications of Security Closures

Varied Visibility

With a security closure, you have the ability to choose the level of visibility that best suits your needs. This is because the curtain can be made of solid aluminum (with zero visibility), perforated aluminum, or a combination of rod and link with polycarbonate panels.

At Dynamic Closures, a popular option is the Slimline Paravent model, which features perforated aluminum—a mainly solid design that allows for some airflow and light infiltration. If you require full visual access, our models with polycarbonate options are the perfect choice.

Enhanced Security

Opting for a security closure also provides an extra level of security. Unlike open-air grilles, security closures feature a solid surface that makes it impossible for hands to breach the barrier, so they are a strong deterrent against unauthorized access and potential crimes.

Small Stack Size

Another advantage of side-folding security closures is their compact stack size. If you have limited space available for storing the door, consider opting for a material like perforated aluminum, which is perfect in these scenarios because it stacks tightly and can save you crucial inches. Dynamic Closures offers many options to meet your unique needs without sacrificing security.


Both our side-folding closures and roll-up overhead doors can be easily installed. Usually, a general contractor can perform the installation in less than a day.

(It’s important to note that certain versions of security closures, such as Dynamic Closures’ Slimline Opaque model with solid aluminum panels, are substantially heavier than other models. Therefore, there are size restrictions and installation considerations to keep in mind.)


When selecting a security closure, you can choose from a range of options for the design (solid, perforated, etc.), plus the freedom to customize the colours and finishes to match your aesthetic preferences. Options include clear, black, bronze, light bronze, champagne, and various powder coat colours.

Furthermore, with closures, you have the added advantage of showcasing your brand or logo. Unlike rod and link grilles, which have a more open design, solid closures provide a smooth surface where you can proudly display your branding.

Industries That Use Security Closures

Side-folding and roll-up security closures are widely used in various industries and settings, including universities, post offices, banks, commercial buildings and retail settings. These closures provide enhanced security and protection of valuable items and sensitive areas.

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Dynamic Closures Customizes Security Grilles and Security Closures for Your Business

At Dynamic Closures, we specialize in customizing security grilles and closures to meet the unique needs of your business.  Our closures are designed to offer maximum security while accommodating your desired size, colour, and design specifications.

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