New York City Side Folding Security Gates and Grilles

New York City, like urban centers across America, has recently become the scene of civil unrest, in the form of protests, riots, and burglaries.

As a result, security closures for storefront businesses are now more important than ever.

New York City

Dynamic Closures provides storefront security shutters and gates in New York City. If you are a business owner or manager, these are the security solution you are looking for. Our premium storefront security shutters and doors are strong and solid to protect both your premises and your merchandise, but at the same time they are attractive and discreet when open during business hours.

Some local examples of our work include the security closures we installed for the NCC in Brooklyn, as well as MAC Cosmetics and abercrombie kids in the Kings Plaza Shopping Center. Just across the Hudson River, you’ll find Dynamic Closures security gates safeguarding Åland in the American Dream Mall.

Abercrombie KidsWhy did these businesses choose our security closures? Because our products are fully secure, yet easy to operate, professional-looking, and blend in beautifully with your store’s esthetics.

Dynamic Closures offers the ultimate advantage: As designers, manufacturers, and installers, we offer you turnkey security solutions, with the convenience and cost savings of dealing with a single vendor.

Storefront Security Gate Solutions In New York City

Dynamic Closures was founded in 1975. Our company began with an important breakthrough in commercial security – namely, our invention of the first side folding security grille. Since that time, we have continued to be leaders in the field of secure closures. We supply security shutters, doors, and gates to a wide range of venues, such as retail stores, malls, banks, and airports. Our clients include business owners and managers in New York City and around the world.
New York City

Throughout our company’s history, our work has been guided by three core values: a constant striving for innovation and improvement, an outstanding product, and excellent customer service.

Now, to adapt to the urgent needs of the 21st century, we have added two additional priorities: first, environmental awareness and second, enhancing the security of trade chains and international borders.

We embody these goals by integrating them into our business operations. To green our business, we have been working with environmental consultants over the past 15 years to improve the processes and materials used in our operation. And, to do our part in enhancing international security, we have earned the trusted trader certification with Partners in Protection (PIP) and Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

Our New York City Commercial Security Gates & Grilles

The EZ Series

EZ security closures have a lot to offer. True to their name, EZ Series side-folding security grilles are easy to install, because we deliver them already 90 percent assembled, preloaded into their own pocket. This convenience not only minimizes construction headaches and potential error; it also reduces costs and allows you to secure your premises faster.

Applications for the EZ grilles are endless. They work equally well protecting your main entrance, a store-within-a-store, or a secure administrative area. Assorted patterns and finishes harmonize with your business’s décor. You can even request an option that allows HVAC airflow.

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The Slim Line Series

When you want more — a more customizable installation and more room for display – our Slim Line Series gates are the best choice for you. These are the perfect New York City retail store security shutters and gates, with their compact 5-inch stack (1/3 smaller than the standard) and contemporary clean look, free of horizontal lines.

Simple to retrofit into your store’s existing pocket or between wall studs, Slim Line security gates are available in heights of up to a generous 14 feet. Choose from a line of eco-friendly and ultralight (yet very strong) panels made of seamless polycarbonate, solid or perforated aluminum.

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Elite Series

We created the Elite Series as the world’s first side-folding security door. In response to its overwhelming popularity with business owners, we have upgraded this model to serve your needs better than ever.

Still ideal for retrofits and replacements, the Elite’s 7-inch panels now stack as much as 40 percent tighter. The doors are available in virtually any width and adapt to fit almost any degree of curvature. Standard heights run up to 14 feet and taller custom units may be ordered.

Select from a range of sturdy materials, handsome low-maintenance finishes, and secure locking possibilities to suit your specific requirements.

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Roll and Fold Crowd Control on Patio

Roll & Fold

When you are looking for a temporary, yet strong and secure means of crowd control, our Roll and Fold System is perfect for your purposes. This barrier is quick to set up because it can easily be rolled into place, and comes in an adjustable width and a 6’6” height that fits easily through standard doorways. (An option also exists to lock the system into place.) Between uses, it can simply be folded up and stored.

Give off a security message that is as strong or subtle as you wish with an assortment of designs and materials, including perforated steel, transparent polycarbonate panels, or rod and link.

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