Door Pocket Options

Our doors are pre-assembled and ships in the pocket for the easiest installation of any side folding door.

Steel Pocket Door

Want to close off your storage pocket to protect against tampering? Our 14-gauge steel pocket door covers pockets up to 8 inches wide.

Some public buildings require a way to secure side folding door pockets when the door is folded away inside. If your project requires a heavy duty or tamper-proof solution, Dynamic’s steel pocket door is an effective way to close off the storage pocket.

The robust construction of the pocket door is designed to provide decades of smooth, trouble-free service.

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Can also be painted in the field without any issues.


The door comes equipped with a thumb turn lock or optional keyed cylinder lock (matched to the security door inside).


The steel pocket door is suitable for use with any Elite or Slim Line series side folding doors. (The EZ line is also available with its own pocket door.)

Slim Line And Elite Pocket Details

  • A: Header Stop
  • B: Standard Non Adjustable Hanger.
    • Top of Curtain to Bottom of Track 1 1/2 in.
  • C: Minimum Clear Pocket Width:
    • Slim Line – 5 in.
    • Standard – 8 in.
  • D: Drop Bolt
  • E: Bottom of Curtain to Floor/Counter:
    • FFL – 1 1/4 in.
    • Counter – 3/4 in.

EZ Pocket Details

  • A: 6 in . Stud.
  • B: Steel tubular pocket frame.
  • C: Track installed in pocket.
  • D: Extended EZ Closure.
  • E: Aluminum Pocket Door.
  • F: Adjustable Chain Stop.
  • G: Drywall Installed over pocket.
  • H: Pocket Height Adjustment.

Left and right hand openings available.

Aluminum Pocket Door with Built-In Pocket

The beauty of the EZ series is that it comes in its own 6” wide pocket and aluminum pocket door to save time and effort in installation. The 6” wide pocket fits between commercial-standard wall studs.

As well, the door is pre-assembled and ships in the pocket for the easiest installation of any side folding door.