School & University Security Closures and Barriers

Security Closures and Barriers for Schools & UniversitiesEducational institutions require the perfect combination of security and accessibility to create an environment that is both safe and conducive to learning. 

At all school levels, from elementary to university, administrators are tasked with safeguarding students, securing the campus and efficiently managing foot traffic. School officials turn to Dynamic Closures for security grilles and shutters because our solutions meet the diverse needs of their schools.

Closures used in academic settings must fit a wide range of openings, be low maintenance, easy to operate, accessible to all, and extremely durable. Thankfully, our product line checks all these boxes and more.

Dynamic Closures products are used in educational environments to:

  • Protect off-limits areas after hours
  • Create service windows in the dining hall or at a snack stand
  • Manage crowd control with a movable barrier
  • Restrict access in the cafeteria by separating the seating area from the kitchen
  • Secure counters in the library or the reception desk
  • Cordon off hallways or rooms to create flexible learning spaces
  • Meet safety and compliancy requirements 

To harmonize with the look and feel of a campus, our gates, grills, and doors come in a variety of materials, finishes, patterns and colors.

They’re also fully customizable. For example, does your school need to secure an irregular-sized space or an extra-high opening? Modifications are not a problem. Our in-house R&D team is ready to quickly accommodate your needs at our manufacturing facility.

Security Solutions for Educational Institutions

Side Folding Doors

Our side-folding doors are designed to secure virtually any space. Able to accommodate curved and L-shaped tracks, the configuration possibilities are endless. Choose an open grille for visibility, or ventilation or select opaque panes for full coverage. When not in use, our side-folding doors disappear into a small curtain pocket along one edge of the opening.

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Lift Ready Rolling Grilles

This sleek overhead rolling door is the ideal solution when a side pocket is not possible or desired. The curtain arrives pre-wrapped into the barrel, making installation a breeze. Although the door is extremely light and easy to roll up manually, a motorized operator can be added.

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Roll and Fold Crowd Control System

The Roll and Fold System is a must-have for all schools. This attractive self-supporting trackless barrier rolls on casters to wherever it is needed. Use it to divide a space or direct traffic away from areas you’d like to protect. When not in use, it folds compactly for easy storage.

Learn more about our portable crowd control solution >

Dynamic Closures Secures Schools & Universities

University of Alberta

Located in Edmonton, the University of Alberta is widely considered one of Canada’s top universities. With over 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students spread across five campuses, the university is internationally known for its diversity and world-class research opportunities.

Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is Tennessee’s “University of Opportunities,“ boasting acclaimed academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, a thriving athletic program, and incredible scholarship programs. At the center of campus, inside the Keathley University Student Center, MTSU uses Dynamic Closures shutters and gates to secure the areas of the popular McCallie Dining Hall.

Portland State University

Portland State University (PSU) is Oregon’s premier public research university with more than 200 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs to choose from. Spread across a 49-acre campus in downtown Portland, PSU is recognized for its unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability and community engagement. 

The University of Utah

The University of Utah is a flagship educational and research institution located in the foothills of vibrant Salt Lake City. The school runs a variety of research centers and serves more than 32,000 students from around the world. To keep U of U student housing secure and safe, the university employs the use of side-folding Slim Line grilles.

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