Pharmacy Security Gates

Client at a pharmacy counter receiving adviceWhether a pharmacy is a standalone shop, a store within a store, or a simple counter, security is essential. That’s why Dynamic Closures offers a wide variety of physical crowd control barriers to meet your needs.

You’ll find that there are a surprising array of design options to choose from. Dynamic understands that while your store needs to deter thieves, you also need to present a friendly and brand-aware face that customers can relate to.

Gate materials options include aluminum, steel, and a combination of aluminum and polycarbonate. We can help you choose the right gates for your project, including deciding between solid metal panels versus something that offers more visibility.

We would be happy to discuss the best security door to meet your needs and help you navigate the options to make the right decision for your pharmacy.

Our Solutions For Pharmacies

Side folding doors, closed on a storefront.

For Counters Or Store Openings: Side Folding Doors

Side folding doors are very popular – they’re easy to install and easy for staff to open and close. They can be made AODA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, and offer a “door within a door” for emergency egress in case of fire. Our doors also have optional maglocks that can interface with your automated security system. Our side folding doors come in a variety of heights, widths, materials, and finishes.
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For Counters Or Full Stores: Overhead Rolling Doors

Overhead rolling doors are perfect for sites where there isn’t enough space for a side storage pocket. They’re also ideal for use with motorized operators, and for smaller openings. Maglocks are optional, and if selected can be integrated with your automated security system. These gates come in all kinds of sizes and materials.
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tambour shutters closed on cabinet doors

Securing Cabinets

To provide the ultimate in cabinet security, we recommend our Tambour shutters. There are three main options for bolting, plus a choice of 1″ mortise locks with easily updatable cores or SFIC (small format interchangeable core) locks.
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Mini roll up security shutter

Window Security Shutters

Don’t underestimate the importance of window security. Building owners (focused on securing doors and larger openings), unfortunately, often inadvertently leave this common entry point vulnerable.

Roll Up Shutters from Dynamic Closures serve as the ideal crime deterrent. They protect your smaller openings—like windows, kiosks and counters—and improve overall security without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Challenges In Pharmacy Security

pharmacy utility grille closed on pharmacy store

If you’re a robber, a pharmacy makes a tempting target. They stock high-quality pain medications that are easy to sell quickly on the black market. The growing abuse of prescription drugs is a known issue with crime prevention agencies, with recent statistics citing 88% of robberies targeting drugs.

In the US, pharmacy robbery crews have been known to travel from state to state, wherever the pickings are easiest. In 2016, when Indiana increased deterrents statewide, robberies dropped dramatically but rose in neighbouring states.

To help pharmacy owners, the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General has released a set of best practices for theft prevention in pharmacies. In it, they recommend that Schedule II and III drugs be kept in a locked cabinet or refrigerator at all times. Both video surveillance and physical barriers on all doors and windows are strongly recommended.


Show Thieves That Robberies Will Take Time

The name of the game with preventing pharmacy theft is ‘deterrent’. In most cases your essential first line of defense is to show the thief they will need to spend a lot of time to gain access.

Time is money to robbers, with increased time spent in gaining entry carrying an increased risk of capture by police. Statistics as of 2016 report that thieves can be in and out of pharmacies within two minutes, and while police response time in some areas can be within five minutes, it is often longer.

Few things send the message more clearly than physical barriers on doors and windows. When combined with automated security systems they can be especially powerful. Many regions are making physical barriers mandatory, especially for new pharmacies.


Finding A Design Balance

Effective pharmacy design goes beyond incorporating a physical barrier. It also means incorporating principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Clear sight lines through exterior windows to pharmacy counters, high levels of interior and exterior lighting, and landscaping that doesn’t provide cover are also smart strategies.

In the end, balancing visible deterrents with creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers is important to ensure repeat business. Because exterior gates can be hidden when needed, pharmacy clients aren’t made to feel like they’re the ones going to jail. The right atmosphere helps them discuss their healthcare needs with their pharmacist more freely.

Ask us how Dynamic Closures security gates can become an important part of your theft prevention strategy.

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