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Dynamic has been making the world’s finest closures and grilles for quite some time, and over the course of the years we have come to anticipate what our customers are looking for – before they even think to ask! We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our Rolling products. If by chance we have missed something, or if you would like a certain point more fully explained, simply use our handy Contact Us form to drop us note.


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Cabinet Tambour Shutter

Well, it is defined by as: Furniture – a flexible shutter used as a desk top or in place of a door, composed of a number of closely set wood strips attached to a piece of cloth, the whole sliding in grooves along the sides or at the top and bottom. If you use aluminum in place of the “wood strips” that sums it up quite well.

Depending on the model, it could go as wide as 4 feet.

There is no standard height. You should always keep in mind this type of door has no counterbalance and therefore total weight is an issue and it can come down fast if the user does not control it.

No. Cabinet Tambour Shutter models are very basic and simple.

No. The cabinetmaker will build in a guide using the cabinet material within the cabinet itself.


Cabinet Tambour Shutters have two types of bottom bar locking each working with a keyed cylinder. One is a hook bolt lock activated to engage into a separate extrusion called a lock channel or into a recessed lock plate. The other type has slide throw knobs that push a rod into the sides of the cabinet that secure the shutter.

Yes. We can use small format interchangeable cores (SFIC) that are easily substituted in place of the factory mortise cylinder for an additional charge.

Mini Roll-Up

Yes with one exception. Mini Roll-Up shutters are not hurricane shutters and should not be used in areas where that code is required.

Depending on the model, it could go as wide as 10 feet 6 inches and as high as 14 feet.

Almost always. Motor operation provides easy and convenient control no matter what the size is. There are cost factors up front but these motors have the added benefit of being very quiet because they are in the axle in the coil box not hanging on the outside. The motor being in the coil box allows installations in tight spaces.

Yes, another choice is an awning crank with a removable rod. The hook protrudes a few inches from the coil box. The cranks are slow and somewhat tedious to use on full height shutter. Shutters also have a pull strap method of operation. This is used for smaller openings and is the least expensive. The straps are also the least reliable over time.

Headroom can vary from 6 to 12 inches depending on the height of the shutter. Mini Roll-Ups can fit into a space standard rolling can not.

At this time, Yes. We have a bottom bar/base slat that can handle a Best type cylinder.

Roll And Fold

The standard height from floor to top of panels is 6 foot 6 inches. This is not a high security partition; it is designed to keep honest people honest.

For width, there isn’t really a maximum. The maximum panels we recommend without a bipart connection is 7 panels. Location circumstances can raise or lower that number.

Not alone. Moving the product to and from the storage area requires two people. The non-marring rollers allow the Roll and Fold to travel smoothly. The anti-sway latches assist moving the partition safely by keeping the panels spread apart to avoid tipping.

No. The Roll and Fold is extremely flexible and does not use a track system.

Locking posts work the same as standard side folding post. The hook bolt lead locking post is the most common to secure the partition to a wall or shelving. This post could be used on both ends. The other type of lead post is a bipart. This combination post is commonly used on larger openings to lock two partitions together. A fixed end post is just that, permanently attached to a structure. This post can be used if the partition is not stacking to a remote location.

No. Floor sockets can be of use only if the partition needs to follow a specific lease line. The Lock Rod and floor socket can help keep the partition in position. Not highly recommended because the Lock Rod can be pull out of the floor socket.

The stacked partitions actual depth will vary to the number of panels that comprise the curtain used to secure the opening. Using 2 inches per panel by the width of the widest panel and add a couple of inches for clearance should get you close. Consult factory for an accurate estimate.


Standard height is between 8 feet to 14 feet, but we have built grilles as high as 20 feet. Models and total size will dictate if a grille can be built oversized.

Depending on the model, it could go as wide as 30 feet. The difficulty is two fold. One is from the limitations on freight the other is the problems of installation of the grille. Many LTL carriers today use PUP’s that can only take freight up to 26 foot 6 inches maximum length. A special truck to take longer lengths can costs thousands of dollars extra. Since we are talking about thousands of dollars extra costs, installation on this size rolling grille is extremely difficult and takes a very experienced crew. This size opening is no problem for side folding grilles and should be at least considered.

Always. Motor operation provides easy and convenient control no matter what the size is. There are cost factors up front and the motors require space either to the side, top or front of the coil.

Yes, another choice is an awning crank with a removable rod. The hook protrudes a few inches from the ceiling. The cranks are slow and somewhat tedious to use on full size rolling grilles. Cranks are a better option for Mini Roll-Up shutters.

Headroom can vary from 15 to 24 inches depending on the height of the grille. Mini Roll-Ups can fit into a space as small as 6 inches.

Yes. We have a bottom bar slat that can handle Standard Mortise, SFIC, and LFIC (also referred to as FSIC) cylinders.

Side Folding

Dynamic Closures has made curtains hundreds of feet (almost a hundred meters) wide with our side-folding models. The only exception is the EZ series, there is a limit of about 32 feet for EZ Closure into one pocket. Dimensions will vary based on how many posts are needed for that specific layout.

The EZ models can be 12 feet in height. Dynamic has made a side-folding grille as high as 28 feet. Most competitors do not make grilles or closures over 10 feet or 12 feet high.

No, there’s no need. Proper manual operation moves the curtain through some of the most creative layouts easily, saving the costs of motors and electrical hook up.

No! In fact the set clearance from the bottom of the curtain to the finished floor is 1-1/4 inches (32mm); to a counter top 3/4 in.(19mm). Sometimes floors are quite uneven and adding the optional adjustable height hardware is money well spent. The standard clearances may not be enough, or too much. It is because of these unexpected field problems that Dynamic’s optional adjustable height hardware can resolve a problem and avoid a crisis.

Very little. The 1-5/8 inch (41mm) height of the track is often partially or completely ‘buried’ by sheetrock or surface mounted on the exposed header.

Curtains are various weights depending on which model you choose. It is important that the entire header-support handle the stacked weight. A comprehensive reference chart can be found on each products landing page.

Not as big as you would think, Dynamic has the smallest stacking sizes in the industry. Amazingly, Dynamic’s EZ Closure and SlimLine stacks extremely small also. You can easily calculate the size of the stack using this calculator.

Dynamic’s EZ Closure includes a steel frame pocket and pocket door. All other side-folding models do not include a pocket. The general contractor builds the pocket and provides the door.

The terms accordion and scissor are often used, but side folding is the most accurate. The terms rolling, coiling and scissor apply to other products.

Our Elite models come standard with adjustable height hardware, making it easy to move the curtain up 1”, or down 1”, in ½” increments.

We can supply a variety of standard curves (90°, 120°, 135°, and 150°) to accommodate a variety of site conditions. Dynamic can also bend special curves in-house to ensure your door’s function at maximum efficiency.

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