FAQS About Custom Curves for Side Folding Retail Security Doors

Curved Side Folding Security Door

Many retail space designers know that using curves can have a direct effect on sales. Humans are naturally enticed in by curves, and for store entrances and individual displays they can be a powerful tool.

For many of our customers, our standard track curves work well and do save money on construction costs. But special projects that require more visual impact, a custom curve is the answer.

Dynamic Closures is the only security door manufacturer that can make custom curves in-house. Whether you’re looking for security grilles in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg or Edmonton. This can save you days or even weeks on your project. Our custom curves have the added benefit of tighter tolerances than anywhere else in the industry.

If you’re wondering how to work with us to get the custom curve you need for your project, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Even if you’re in the United States, security grilles in Portland, Atlanta, San Antonio, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Nashville, Boston, Austin TX, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Dallas, New Jersey, New York City and Manhattan.

Custom Curve Retail Security Door

First, What is a Custom Curve?

For us, a custom curve is any track that doesn’t match our standard curves. We have a selection including three different radii and four different angles:

  • 90 degree, 10” radius
  • 90 degree, 14” radius
  • 90 degree, 22” radius
  • 120 degree, 10” radius
  • 135 degree, 10” radius
  • 150 degree, 10” radius

As you can see from the photo above, there can be multiple standard and/or custom curves in a track.

How Is Track Curvature Measured?

The measurements won’t mean much unless you know how track is measured.

How to Identify Amount of Curve

Curves are identified by two numbers:

  1. The angle between the straight edges.
  2. The radius (often in inches with retail security doors).

In this example, the curve would be written as a “150-10”.

Are There Any Limitations on Custom Curves?

A curve must be 90° or greater, or else the door will be extremely difficult to open and close for your end users.

We’ve also found that for very long doors with multiple curves, door sections are best broken out into multiple sections and provided with multiple pockets.

How Can I Send in My Custom Curve Requirements?

You can send us your curve requirements in a variety of ways:

  1. We can get the curve from blueprints.
  2. The curve can be traced from the header opening in the ceiling onto a stiff paper template.
  3. You can send it in a digital format (CAD).

How Does Dynamic Closures Manufacture Custom Curved Tracks?

If we are sent a paper template with many undulations, we bend the track by hand using special in-house proprietary tools.. Our qualified employees can bend and shape the track like a piece of art, ensuring the end results is a near perfect reproduction of the template.

Where possible, we try to start with a standard curved track to save time and costs. Once we make the correct measurements, we cut the track with a mitre saw and fasten the new pieces together securely. We then ensure the edges are filed and deburred as needed.

If you can send us a requirements in a digital format, we can machine the custom curve. We’re able to achieve amazing tolerances with this process, thanks to our custom machining equipment.

Either way, once the track is created, it is then tempered at high temperature to harden the track and make the track virtually seamless for smooth operation.

Need Help With Curved Retail Doors?

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