6 Common Roll Up Door Problems (and How to Solve Them)

Lift Ready Vortex (Solid)

As a business owner, your roll up door is vital to keeping your business safe and running smoothly. However, the many common roll up problems can cause unwanted interruptions.

Use our commercial overhead door troubleshooting tips to ensure your door operates the way it should.

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1. Installation Issues and Misalignment

Issues with commercial roll-up security doors are often directly tied to improper installation. For example, many roll-up enclosures experience problems due to misalignment. If the door rubs against the tracks or gets stuck, it likely isn’t level or is misaligned. In addition, your door may not be secured to the frame or track properly. If this is the case, it will not work properly because, over time, your door will loosen or shift and cause damage. Other problems, like incorrect spring tension (see below), can also result from poor installation.

When your door is difficult to operate, have a professional repair vendor assist with the issue or contact our customer service team for further guidance.Lift Ready Pristine (Polycarbonate)

2. Incorrect Spring Tension

If a roll up door’s springs are too tight or too loose, it will not work well. The springs are responsible for the door’s operation, plus they help balance the door’s weight. Incorrect tension makes the door harder to operate and may cause damage to the door’s components, including the end-bearing plates.

To fix this problem, seek out torsion spring replacements or a spring adjustment. Adjusting the springs of a commercial roll up door can be dangerous, so make sure that you, or the repair professional, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for tensioning springs.

3. Worn-Out Parts From Overuse

Worn-out parts also cause problems with commercial roll up door functionality. Certainly, components age as time passes, but overhead door wear significantly increases when a door is overused.

Each roll up door is rated for a certain number of cycles, and when a door is used more frequently than advised, the system components quickly wear out. Our Lift Ready models are rated for a lifespan of well over 20,000 cycles, making them a great long-term option for rolling doors that open/close a few times per day. Exceeding the cycle limit can put the door at risk and damage components, including the springs, tracks and door panels. An overused door can become a safety hazard.

If your roll up door is old, has extensive damage or repairs are cost prohibitive, replace it with a high-quality commercial or mini roll up door from Dynamic Solutions.

4. Safety Edge is Missing

A safety edge is designed to detect obstructions in a door’s path and trigger the door to reverse direction, preventing injuries to people and damage to property. As you can see, using a safety edge with a sensor on a motorized commercial roll-up door is crucial and, thus, is required to meet many industry safety standards.

We recommend every Lift ready door is installed with a safety edge to avoid future accidents and build a complete security solution for your opening.

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5. Obstructions

When objects or debris block its path, a roller door won’t close or open as it should. And depending on the location of the obstruction, it can also cause serious damage.

Sometimes, removing an obstruction is easy. Other times, eliminating dirt and caked-on grime can be difficult—so much so that disassembly may be necessary. Call an expert to inspect and clean your overhead door in this case. (Or install a Lift Ready Rolling Grille with a hood that keeps the components dust-free!)

6. Lacks an Emergency Release

A wall-mounted emergency release for overhead doors is essential for safety and compliance reasons. In the event of mechanical issues or failure, the pull handle can be released. This action disengages the motor from the counterbalance barrel assembly and allows the door to be operated manually.

When planning your overhead security solution, be sure to include safety accessories for your Lift Ready closure.

Commercial Security Closures You Can Depend On

Whether you are experiencing an isolated incident or ongoing challenges, the time will come when you need to replace your roll up or side folding security door.

Dynamic Closures doors are sure to check all your boxes—they are compact yet robust, extremely safe and very easy to install. We have the best commercial security closures to fit any opening, and with many styles and material options to choose from, your new door will perfectly complement the aesthetics of your business operations.

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