Manual vs. Motorized Security Shutters – Which Is Better?

Manual vs. Motorized Security Shutters - Which Is Better?

Security shutters are an ideal way to protect your business and home. While in use, they form an essential barrier and, when not needed, conveniently roll up and out of sight. Both manual and motorized versions are available to meet varying needs.

Dynamic Closures offers a variety of commercial and residential roll up doors and security shutters for smaller openings, like windows, cabinets, kiosks or counters. You’ll get exactly what you need because our closure solutions are specifically designed for your unique space.

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How Does A Manual Security
Shutter Work?

Manual roller shutters are operated by hand and disappear into an enclosed header when fully open. A user can either lift a manual shutter or use a hand crank or winder to raise or lower the curtain.

How Does A Motorized Security
Shutter Work?

Electric roller shutters open and close automatically with the turn of a key or the push of a button. These models require a motor which either resides inside the coil box itself or is mounted externally (depending on the size of the shutter).

Which Shutter System is Best?

Both versions offer many benefits and provide excellent protection against theft and vandalism  for virtually any opening. The shutter you ultimately choose, whether manual or electric, should be based on your specific requirements.

Ease of Use

While manually operated shutters do require some physical effort, the operation of any high-quality security closure is straightforward; you’ll find they open and close easily. Motorized shutters and doors operate automatically without any effort at all, often by using a key switch, button or remote control.

It’s important to note that heavy, large shutters are unsafe to operate manually. Thus, once shutters pass a certain size and weight, they must be motor-operated.

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Also, some openings are better suited for a side-folding vs a roll up door. Contact us for assistance if you are an architect or designer with planning questions. We’d be happy to answer any questions.

Customization Options

Regardless of the type you select, manual roller shutter or electric roller shutter, there are endless creative design possibilities.

From small shutters to sizeable commercial roll up doors, Dynamic allows you to choose the material, color, style and pattern you desire. For example, some models can be designed with perforated aluminum that provides airflow and visibility, even when the curtain is closed. In addition, it is possible to form a “daisy chain” and connect shutters side-by-side to create a wider barrier.

Security & Safety

Made of strong and durable materials such as aluminum, electric and manual roller shutters offer a high level of security and safety for your business or residence. When in the closed position, they prevent unauthorized access and protect your premises from damage.

Adding a locking mechanism to the bottom bar of a manual security shutter will provide an extra layer of security. Larger electric doors are held in place by the motor. In case of emergency, a user can disable this function via a wall-mounted emergency release, one of many safety accessories available for your overhead security solution.

Cost Considerations

Many believe that electric shutters are pricier than manual shutters. But in actuality, it is not the motor that significantly increases the cost of a roll up shutter. Instead, it’s the size of the door and the choice of material.

Another factor that impacts price is shipping; freight costs are higher for large doors with sizable external motors.

Maintenance & Repair

Because electrically operated shutters contain motorized components, there is a chance these parts may malfunction or fail. However, when they do, it’s usually due to overuse.

Shutters with motors have a cycle limit (i.e., a specific number of times the shutter can be opened and closed). When this number is exceeded, parts can become damaged and cause a safety hazard. Therefore, research how many cycles your electric shutter is rated for and safely stay within that limit. Our Lift Ready models are rated for 20,000+ cycles, ideal for scenarios where a door will be opened and closed a few times per day.

Manual shutters may not require a motor, but user error is known to lead to problems. To avoid hazards and the need for repairs, make sure that everyone operating the door is properly trained and follows safety guidelines. It’s also critically important to ensure the area is clear of objects and people.

Lastly, regular inspections and maintenance are essential to keep your existing roller shutters (electric or manual) in good working order.

Security Shutters Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Every business and property has unique needs. Dynamic Closures offers a wide range of options that allow you to customize the size and design of your security shutter.

Whether you need an industrial-sized shutter or are looking to secure a pharmacy, retail space, reception area, kiosk, doorway, patio or display case, we have shutters and doors for any scenario.

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