Roll Up Door Sizes: What To Consider

Roll-up doors are vital components of your workspace’s functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re a business owner, architect or contractor, getting the size of your roll-up door right is crucial. The wrong size can lead to operational headaches and compromise security.

The following are important things to keep in mind about roll-up door sizing.

Dimensions: Maximum Height & Width

Specific measurements are crucial to ensure that a roll-up door fits, functions, and performs as intended. Thus, when considering options for your project, be sure to prioritize doors that offer flexibility vs. one-size-fits-all solutions.

Dynamic can craft a door to fit any opening utilizing specific requirements. We tailor every roll up security doors to meet your unique needs.

That said, there are maximum height and width requirements to be aware of. Generally, each overhead door has a maximum height of 12’5″ and a maximum width of 24′, but limitations exist depending on the overall size and model chosen.

Below is the matrix for our Lift Ready Vortex model:

If you have an opening that exceeds 24 feet, a side-folding door might be the ideal solution. Visit the downloads page for comprehensive details on our security doors and grilles, with matrices specifying each model’s maximum height and width.

Operation: Motorized or Manual?

When designing your roll up door, you have a choice between manual or motorized operation, and up to a certain size, you can pick what best suits your building or workspace.

We offer both motorized and manual operators for overhead doors, but as illustrated in the grid above, motorization becomes a requirement when you approach the maximum size limit. The sheer size and weight of larger commercial doors can lead to roll up door problems, plus make manual operation impractical and dangerous.


Roll up doors come in a variety of materials, and your ultimate choice can surprisingly impact the dimensions of your door. For example, thanks to their lightweight open-air design, our Portcullis and Labyrinth roll-up doors allow you to push size boundaries to the maximum.

So keep in mind that you can get a bigger door if you pick our straight or brick rod and link pattern as opposed to perforated or heavy duty solid aluminum panels.

Space Allowance for Coil Enclosure

It’s also essential to factor in the overhead room you have available for your roll up door’s coil enclosure.

Our Lift Ready doors are designed with a 15-inch coil box, but we also offer mini roll-up doors, which are perfect for compact spaces such as cabinets or smaller counter applications with limited overhead space. These mini coiling doors feature smaller coils, usually ranging from seven to nine inches, making them highly suitable for installation in tight spaces or concealed in the ceiling.

Lead Time

Lead times for your new door can vary, so plan ahead to guarantee you receive your customized roll-up door precisely when you need it.

If you have questions about lead times for roll up doors, reach out to an authorized distributor. Our network of trusted dealers are experts and will ensure that your project proceeds smoothly.

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Industry Applications

Roll up security doors offer several benefits and are widely used across various industries due to their versatility. You’ll find them securing spaces in retail, healthcare, education, sports, entertainment, banking, government and other sectors.

Here are just a few examples of Dynamic’s Lift-Ready roll-up models and their uses:

  • Vortex (solid): Exterior storefronts:
  • Ventana (perforated aluminum) or Pristine (polycarbonate): Interior storefronts
  • Labyrinth or Portcullis (rod and link): Cafeterias, Counters, Sports areas

For smaller openings, our mini roll-up doors and shutters are the preferred choice.

Many businesses find these compact grilles are perfect for doorways and reception areas. They also offer practical solutions to protect display cases and secure kiosks.

Expertise and Assistance You Can Count On

Considering these factors will simplify the process of obtaining perfectly sized roll up doors.

If you have more questions about commercial door sizing options, your local dealer is available to address inquiries regarding lead times, pricing, installation, and other matters. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact Dynamic Closures directly for comprehensive product information and technical expertise.

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