Need Better Crowd Control? Roll & Fold Doors are the Answer.

Crowds are back! Many Covid-19 restrictions have lifted, including capacity limits in many businesses
and public zones. Resulting in a big uptick in public masses returning to enclosed spaces, which means
you’ll need to find a way to direct traffic or close off certain areas.

Enter our crowd control barriers – Roll & Fold.

Key Benefits Of Roll & Fold Crowd Control Barriers

Roll & Fold doors are a non-invasive security measure that can block off sections of your business to both help guide traffic and seal off a designated area.

Our security doors operate on wheels and lock into wall channels on each end. This means the crowd control barriers can be removed and stowed away in a pocket easily – and there won’t be any floor or ceiling sockets required for bolting the door in place. Not to mention with no permanent installation needed, the grill can be moved, and as an easy fold crowd control system, it is a secure barrier that provides maximum security while offering easy installation for your security team.

If you need light traffic and crowd control but don’t want a permanent installation, the Roll and Fold is the answer.

There’s no header needed, no track to install, and no holes in the floor.

If your facility has structural obstacles like columns, the Roll and Fold is easy to position around them.

The Roll and Fold crowd control barriers have optional locking posts but can be easily wheeled in and out of storage by one person. The storage area required will depend on how long a door you need.

It’s an underutilized tool for deterring crime and improving safety and security. Here are 4 applications where you may want to consider adding a Roll & Fold door.

4 Best Applications Of Roll & Fold Crowd Control Barriers

  1.  Airports: Since airports are open 24/7, they often need to find creative solutions to locking up their restaurants, bars & storefronts. Roll & fold is a non-invasive security measure that allows for these businesses to lock up while still allowing traffic to flow through the airport.
  2.  Restaurants: Great for blocking off access to patios when they’re not in service. Also, perfect solution when the restaurant is undergoing maintenance and needs to deflect traffic away from the construction site.
  3.  Retailers & Mall Storefronts: If one section of your retail location is under maintenance, roll & fold crowd control barriers can help create distance between the worksite and the customers. Alternatively, some retailers have multiple businesses in one location. Well, our doors can help add separation if one is closed while the other is still in operation.
  4.  Schools & Universities: Very easy to operate for quick traffic flow changes. Helpful for putting up a quick door or separating certain areas when students get too rowdy!


What Are Roll & Fold Crowd Control Barriers Made Of?


1. Paravent

Material: Perforated steel panels. Our most popular option. Perforated steel is a stylish design with some visibility but 0 reach through access. Looks great in a wide variety of color options.

2. Rod Link

Material: Aluminum rod and link – straight pattern. Lightweight & cost effective. Rod & Link doors use less material making them the easiest to install. Also, it is an open-air door, meaning it’s the best solution for outdoor application on windy days.

3. Prestige

Material: Polycarbonate panel in aluminum frame. Great option for full visibility and reducing the industrial look that some doors can present.


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