Dynamic Closures Secures BMO Toronto With Slim Line Series Door

Banks and financial institutions require security solutions that are top-quality and meet the branch’s specifications. When a Bank of Montreal (BMO) branch in Toronto was ready to upgrade and modernize their security doors, Dynamic was up to the challenge. Like many financial institutions today, the Bank was looking to combine a modern and attractive professional image with a high level of security outside of opening hours, when the ATM area is still accessible to the public.

Fortunately, the design team at our Dynamic Closures Toronto office was equal to the challenge of successfully modernizing BMO’s security doors. Notice the striking contrasts between the “Before” and “After” pictures. Then read the backstory behind the upgrade.

Before: Mobile Glass Partitions

Mobile Glass Partitions: Before
Mobile Glass Partitions: Before

The Bank’s old doors (as shown above) were, admittedly, durable and functional. However, beyond serving their primary purpose of securing the premises, the doors had several major failings, namely:

Lack of maneuverability. The former doors consisted of multiple sliding mobile glass partitions, which were heavy and not at all user-friendly. The partitions could only be opened one at a time — a formidable task for many of the Bank employees.

Difficult in locking. At the end of every business day, each partition had to be individually locked in place. This inconvenience was further complicated by the awkward positioning of the locks, near ground level (see image below).

Mobile Glass Partitions Panel Lock
Mobile Glass Partitions Panel Lock

Need for frequent cleaning. Fingerprints and smudges showed up readily on the large, smooth glass panels. As a result, frequent cleaning was necessary in order to keep the doors looking presentable and businesslike.

After: Slim Line Paravent

Slim Line Paravent After
Slim Line Paravent

BMO management was looking for lighter, easier to handle doors, but with the same degree of security or higher. Our solution was installation of Slim Line Paravent side folding security grilles. These grilles are made up of 4” wide interlocking panels, which are manufactured from perforated aluminum and fitted with a one-piece continuous aluminum hinge. Lightweight while at the same time extremely strong, the panels require only minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Employees at the BMO branch are especially happy with the following convenient new features, provided by the Slim Line Paravent grilles:

Slimmer 5” Wide Pocket
Slimmer 5” Wide Pocket

User-friendly locking posts. Lock points on these grilles are comfortably located at hand level, 42 inches above the floor. No more bending down to secure the doors!

Slimmer 5” wide pocket. The new system saves a substantial amount of floor space, in contrast to the previous doors, and is tidy and discreet when not in use.

Single-piece hinged construction. This feature blends a handsome, contemporary appearance with clear visibility for the Bank’s security cameras.

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Interested in what Dynamic Closures can do for you to make your business more secure and user-friendly? Our expert staff will be happy to work with you on practical solutions to your Toronto security door challenges.

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