How to Deter Criminals from Breaking into Your Business [2023]

Businesses Need Protection

Security cameras, overnight patrol, alarm systems and other security measures are all ways to protect your business. But there is one common issue with these security measures.

They only catch the crime in action.

There is very little that video surveillance or security systems will do to physically prevent or crime from occuring.

Here is where one long-term security measure stands above the rest.

Secure Entry Points With Ease

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Security doors such as sliding grilles & rolling shutters are the ultimate crime deterrent. It’s a proactive approach to crime prevention that will continue to work for you for years to come.

There are many reasons why security doors stop criminals in their tracks. A properly secured door will likely be locked into a ceiling track, bolted into floor/ceiling sockets or fastened to an end wall post. All of these connections will require a significant amount of time removing if someone was bold enough to try and break-in. Security doors from Dynamic Closures are all aluminum built. These doors have corrosive resistance for outdoor exposure and are extremely strong— a real challenging piece of metal to break through.

Security shutters for windows, locked storefront doors, and commercial security systems reduce the threat of damage and theft, but criminals are clever and often easily continue past these security measures.

A security door for your business adds an additional layer of physical security, which needs more time and tools to dismantle or destroy.

The longer it takes for a criminal to break through your sevcurity measures the less likely they are to consider targeting your business. If there are too many steps and it isn’t an easy access to their spoils, many will consider it too risky as they are more likely to be caught in the act.

Intruders know that thanks to modern alarm systems, they have only moments to execute their smash and grab operation. Our gates provide a deterrent that shows them that your business has protection and won’t be an easy target.


Secure Every Nook & Cranny

kiosk with mini roll up shutters from Dynamic Closures.

Securing the premise of your business is a top priority. But did you know that you can add additional layers internally? We manufacture Shutters that are great for small spaces such as kiosks, cabinets & product displays that also feature many options for locking hardware.

Protecting your employees is also paramount. Making sure that staff have good sightlines of the entire space, face incoming foot traffic, and can effectively deny access to unauthorized persons. In situations like these, a physical crowd control barrier will ensure that unwanted entrants can neither sneak past reception nor force their way through.


Long-Term Business Security Solutions

Choose to secure your business for the long-term. Our doors are designed for daily use for well over 50 years of continuous operation. Little to no maintenance is required and installation takes no more than a few hours.

Our motorized shutters are rated for 50,000 cycles. Motor operation provides easy and convenient control no matter the size of the door. For an even longer lasting door, manual or crank options are available.

Although side-folding doors cannot be motorized, our design allows for easy operation and a build that won’t break down. For instance, we space out our locking posts by 10ft, this helps segment the door for dividing the weight and maintains the stability required when in an extended position. Bi-parts can be included for doors wider than 30 ft to ensure the same level of stability and segmentation.




Security Doors Case Study:

Broken glass on the floor of an entryway after a business had a break-in.

Prior to working with Dynamic Closures, Andrew, our business development specialist managed a retail location on Broadway in Vancouver. It’s a very busy downtown area with a high population— and a high crime rate. The store itself was a specialty retailer, carrying equipment that could cost over $10,000 apiece.

Break-ins were regular, and the only access point was the storefront through the ‘bullet proof’ glass.

The windows weren’t enough to deter break-ins and theft.

After multiple glass breaks and a few robberies, it was time to increase security measures.

So Dynamic Closures stepped in and added a slimline side-folding door that extended the length of the glass. The installation was quick and soon the store had additional security.

Although the door itself was no stronger than bullet proof glass, this additional layer of complexity and deterrent was enough to see an instant, incredible difference.

Break-in attempts changed from weekly to never. In 2021 there hadn’t been a single break-in attempt since the door was installed. No other security systems would have produced such immediate and effective results for deterring crime.


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