Buyer’s Guide To Installing Side Folding Security Grilles

Concord Vancouver British Columbia

Our side folding security grilles are designed to be as easy to install as possible, but they’re still a working part of your store infrastructure, and installation needs to be done correctly. Whether you’re looking to install security gates in a mall, airport or security closures in a pharmacy, the installation steps need to be […]

Roll-Up vs Side Folding: Which Security Door Should You Choose?

Roll-Up vs Side Folding Security Gate

When you’re looking to install a security door for your pharmacy, airport or bank, choosing between a side folding security door or roll down security shutters can either be a no-brainer or very confusing. Luckily, we’ve laid out all the benefits and differentiators between these two security solutions to help solve your security door dilemma. […]

Why is Retail Floor Space Important?

Whether you’re a convenience store or shopping mall store, security is a top priority. However, what happens if that security affects your store layout, especially the retail floor space. You’re consuming space that can potentially devalue the overall experience portrayed to your customers.

How Our Expert Customer Support Team Saves You Time and Money

Within seconds of calling, you’ll be on the line with one of our expert support team members. They’ll help you with specifications, technical drawings, and estimates done for your commercial security doors. They even make sure custom door designs happen. You get all of this great service when you include our security door designs in your proposals.