Say Goodbye to Unsightly Security Door Hinges

one-piece security door hinges

If you’ve had clients complain about security door hinges with unsightly black staining, Dynamic Closures has the solution.

Our patented one-piece door hinges not only look better, they make for a stronger, more secure door with less weight and tighter stack. That leads to another benefit: our doors are easier for staff to open and close. They’re even safer, thanks to the elimination of pinch points.

One-piece hinges are available on our Slim Line and EZ side-folding security closures with perforated aluminum, solid aluminum and polycarbonate panels.

Patented Innovation – Available Only at Dynamic Closures

About 10 years ago, we noticed that some architects were getting complaints from customers about “staining” on doors after a few months of use.

black staining on security door hinges
An example of hinge staining on a competitor’s door.

Product Engineer Mike Svenson explains. “When hinges are built with several pieces stacked on top of each other, you end up with a multitude of unfinished cut aluminum surfaces rotating against each other,” he says.

“Not only does that result in a lot of friction, making the door more difficult to operate, but all of these joints along the hinges now produce fine aluminum powder as they wear away as the door is open and closed. This powder is the main cause of the black ‘staining’ that you see at each joint.”

The powdery stains were making new security doors look old after only a few months.

Mike and his team were asked to come up with a solution, ideally one that could also create improvements in door weight and security too. If possible, a related goal would be to find manufacturing and assembly efficiencies too.

After some time, they were so successful that Dynamic was able to patent the new hinge. Not only that, the new doors were a hit with commercial architects all over North America.

“Once people get a hold of this and see how easily it works, they ask for it again and again,” comments Sales and Marketing Manager Jack Roy. “It’s almost frictionless, the way it floats in the track.”

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