Need Better Crowd Control? Roll & Fold Doors are the Answer.

RF Prestige Model

Crowds are back! Many Covid-19 restrictions have lifted, including capacity limits in many businesses and public zones. Resulting in a big uptick in public masses returning to enclosed spaces, which means you’ll need to find a way to direct traffic or close off certain areas. Enter the Roll & Fold. Key Benefits Of Roll & […]

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Security Door Hinges

Say goodbye to unsightly black stains on your security doors. Dynamic Closures’ patented one-piece hinges keep doors looking good and are more secure. They’re even easier to use.

Tools for Installing Side Folding Security Grilles

Quality installation will ensure you get decades of reliable performance from your side folding security grille. In this series, we explain how to do a proper installation and how to avoid common pitfalls our customers have run into in the past. To start off, we review the tool checklist.

6 Simple Side Folding Door Design Tips

When designing security doors for retail stores and other commercial properties, side folding doors allow for an incredible variety of creative possibilities. This allows you to create a storefront that excites shoppers and provides incredible ROI to owners.

Your Security Gates Can Actually Attract More Customers

With competition from online shopping sites, a store’s ability to showcase products has become more important than ever. These days even security doors need to be able to do their part to lure potential customers. New materials and designs mean that there are effective solutions that have plenty of appeal to passersby.