6 Simple Side Folding Door Design Tips

Here are some of the design parameters that often come as a pleasant surprise.

1. Side Folding Doors Can Be Any Width

We have lightweight, easy to operate gates that can span as far as the eye can see. They stay secure because every 10 feet there is a floor bolt that sits in a socket that disappears when not in use.

Inventive styling turns support pillars into a design feature.

curved security door for store

2. You Can Get as Curvy as You Want

Shoppers respond well to bends in store layouts. If your design aesthetic calls for curves, you’ll be pleased to note that your shapes can have any degree of curvature. From gentle undulations to a full sweeping curves, the only limit is your imagination.

Erwin Pearl Security Door

3. Side Folding Doors Can be Invisible When Folded Away

The entryway of a store has to be inviting to shoppers, enticing them with attractive product displays. A security door that’s only in use after-hours has to be completely invisible during the day to remove unnecessary visual distractions.

To meet this need, our side folding doors disappear into pockets in the wall. Panels can be sized to fit in the 6” spacing between commercial facility wall studs. Thanks to retractable dust-proof covers, the sockets for floor bolts will disappear as well.

Unless the space requires RFID anti-shoplifting gates, the security for the store will be completely invisible to shoppers.

4. There are Excellent Options for Kiosks

In this era of big box stores and malls, kiosks are extremely popular. But if a kiosk doesn’t have the same hours as the rest of the facility, an attractive but independent security option is a must. Just as security gates can be as big as you want, they can also be as small as you want too.

We offer many seamless options that won’t interfere with the multi-height counters often used in pharmacies and other retailers.

Kiosk side folding security door

5. An Attractive, Brand-Conscious Gate Can Actually Cost Less

As a designer, you need to demonstrate value to your client. They may love the look of an attractive gate, but they’ll also be concerned about controlling costs. Your clients will be delighted to hear that these options often cost less to purchase, install, and maintain.

Mac Cosmetics Side Folding Security Door

6. Recyclable Materials for Cradle-to-Grave Environmental Responsibility

We use a lot of aluminum for its light weight, toughness, ease of maintenance, and durability. The other benefit is that it’s also highly sought after for recycling. At the end of the gate’s lifespan the aluminum can be sold to commercial recyclers.

Endless Creative Possibilities That Don’t Sacrifice Security

security door for stores on streetNo matter which layout you choose for your store design, it’s good to know that creativity won’t be compromised by design restrictions for security doors. But just as importantly, do these new doors work?

The answer, of course, is yes. Whether your store is in a patrolled mall or on the street, the materials we choose (generally aluminum and polycarbonate) provide excellent resistance to potential thieves. Most designers aren’t aware that aluminum is just as secure as steel.

Intruders know that thanks to modern alarm systems, they have only moments to execute their smash and grab operation. Our gates provide a deterrent that shows them they need to look for easier targets elsewhere.

Explore the design possibilities available with a security door from Dynamic Closures.

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