Learn the Creative Possibilities of Security Door Design

As a commercial architect, you often run into restrictions on your creative freedom posed by the practical realities of building design. You may even believe that marrying these aspects of architecture is a challenge to embrace. But you may not be aware that the need for security doors imposes fewer limitations than you think.

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Expand Your Horizons

Now you can take this eye-opening and highly informative course free from Ron Blanks and Associates. “Security Grille Door Solutions in the Design Project: Application, Operation, Installation & Aesthetic” will help you:

  • Create more beautiful and functional commercial and public spaces with less cost.
  • Learn dozens of talking points you can use when presenting your designs to your clients, as well as planning tips that can mean faster, smarter builds.

Taught by 38-year industry veteran Greg Trimboli, this program shows you that security doors don’t have to be a design liability.

“I can promise you that you will learn some things you did know that will be helpful guiding your decision making in your future projects.” says Greg.

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You’ll learn:

  • Types of grille doors and their applications.
  • Available materials and colors.
  • Mounting and other installation options.
  • How to choose doors that complement the design of the overall project.
  • Door options and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

You’ll even earn one of your AIA HSW CE hours while you’re at it. There are many other Canadian and American architecture organizations that this course will also earn credit for.

More importantly, you’ll learn that your grille doors can enable mixed use of large spaces. They can be part of product presentation in stores, tempting window shoppers to make purchases and furthering end user sales goals. They can also be more convenient and less costly to install than ever before, and even a thing of beauty.

As of November 1, 2016 the online version of the course will be revamped with new audio, so you can get closer to the classroom experience that is only available a few times a year.

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More About What You’ll Learn

Security Doors in Modern Multi-Use Spaces

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Whether you’re designing a store, an entire mall, or any other public space like colleges, hospitals, commercial buildings, one factor they all share is that they need to have mixed uses in order to provide value. For example, a big box store may have store-within-a-store or kiosks and aisle displays containing products only available during certain hours. Or a library may have administrative spaces that are only available at certain times, but meeting areas that can accommodate use outside of those hours.

Either way, the ability to protect certain areas or assets with a grille door can mean that a space gets more use overall, thereby earning more money or providing more use to the community.

aisle guard grille

Rolling Doors or Side Folding Doors – What Does Your Project Need?

Side Folding Door Assembly

Rolling Doors

When many architects think of security grilles, they think of the old fashioned overhead rolling doors that behave like a window blind. These are definitely still useful designs, but they are now available in dozens of combinations of patterns, materials, finishes and colors. They don’t require a header to contain the counterbalance – they can be supported by walls or by freestanding posts. Rolling doors are limited to straight lines, and cannot accommodate multi-height surfaces unless multiple doors are used.

While rolling doors have many uses, they don’t always harmonize with the flowing curves of many buildings on the forefront of design. Where security door design gets really interesting is with side folding doors.

Curved security grille

Side Folding Doors

Side folding doors can make almost any set of curves a reality, as long as the inside curve is no less than 90° and a minimum of 10’ in diameter. One door can accommodate many counter heights if needed.

Thanks to our in-house ability to manufacture curves Dynamic Closures can create a custom curve that can harmonize with the architectural intent of any building and at a far better cost than expensive sliding glass doors. We do many retrofits for all types of buildings, even the newest Smithsonian that cost many times less than the original side coiling doors while keeping a visually appealing effect.

Side Folding Door ADA Compliance for Emergency EgressSafety and ADA Compliance

Keeping pace with progress in fire code and safety guidelines can seem demanding, let alone adapting these requirements to comply with the ADA. In our course, you’ll learn what doors best comply to different situations.

Easier, More Cost-Effective Installation


In an industry where innovative solutions are rare occurrences, Dynamic Closures EZ Grille/Door is something special. EZ fits within a 6-inch steel stud wall because of their steel tube frame that is made to the exact size of 6-inch steel studs. With our EZ Pocket design, a sleek extruded clear anodized aluminum pocket door caps off the end. Best of all, this design saves precious floor space because there is no need to build the traditional pocket area.

Materials and Finishes

Depending on the effect you need, you can make use of materials like aluminum, perforated metals, polycarbonate and tempered glass panels.

Elegant, perforated metal curtains uniquely provides the solid door effect and allows air flow at the same time. They are transparent enough to allow visibility to the overall space due to the 50% perforation of the panels. The perforations also benefits the HVAC systems to keep temperatures and air quality in balance on both sides of the secured space.

Maximum air flow is achieved by the use of aluminum rod-and-link grilles. These are designed to keep people from physically entering the secured space. Maximum vision into the secured space would use a side folding door with polycarbonate or tempered glass panels. This solid panel prevents the ability to even reach into the secured area. Your needs and goals will dictate what model is best for your projects.

Clear anodized is the standard for all models. Other anodized colors are available and some models may be powder coated in your choice of color. Special finishes add costs and lead time.

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Security Grille Childrens Area
With Dynamic Closures’ ability to create highly functional customized security doors, there are very few limits on how space partitioning can work in your next project.

Take advantage of this exciting learning opportunity and sign up now! It’s free, but you must be a member of the AIA, GBCI, or IDCEC.

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