Introducing the New Elite Door Series

New Elite Paravent door installation for Bank of Montreal

Dynamic Closures is pleased to announce the New Elite Series side folding security closure for commercial and public spaces.

Specifically designed to combine the attractive wider panels of the Elite Classic with a much smaller curtain stack, the New Elite Series represents over 18 months of design, development, and testing.

“Our clients are extremely pleased with the new closure,” says Sales and Marketing Manager Jack Roy. “It’s already showing signs of becoming the go-to product for many of them.”

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There are three key benefits to the new door.

New elite door stack comparison illustration

1. More installation flexibility thanks to smaller pocket requirements. With a smaller curtain stack, the door is easier to install in situations where space is at a premium. While each individual panel in the curtain is still 7″ wide, the total curtain stack is up to 40% tighter than before.

New Elite Paravent door installation for Bank of MontrealWhether you want to retain as much space as possible for the opening, or have an awkward retrofit situation to manage, the smaller pocket requirements of the New Elite open up new options.

2. Even easier for users to open and close. Thanks to improvements in the hinge design, the New Elite is also significantly lighter than the Elite Classic. This makes for a door that is easier for end users of all abilities to open and close.

3. Even more secure. We use the same time-tested aluminum alloy in the New Elite, but have designed a new one-piece hinge that is tougher. This has been confirmed by extensive internal impact testing.

Our new hinges retain the unique “soot”-free appearance of our old two-piece hinges, ensuring they will look just as good in the future as they do now.

Positive Reaction – and an Unexpected Use Case

As of January 2019, several clients have installed the new door and reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

One client raved, “You saved our hides with that smaller stack!” Unfortunately there had been a design error on their project, and they built a much smaller pocket than intended. With its smaller stack, the New Elite saved the team from having to tear out the existing pocket and build a larger one.

While this isn’t a common problem, it happens more often than you would think. The New Elite is ideal fix, because it solves difficult space constraint issues without compromising on anything else.

The Latest Example of Our Ongoing Commitment to Design Innovation

Dynamic prides itself on leading the side folding security closure industry. Our founder Bob Labelle invented the side-folding commercial closure, and since then we have introduced a number of game-changing redesigns.

Today, we not only have a dedicated internal research and development team, we are constantly looking for ways to integrate our products with features that mean better commercial closures for your clients.


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