Outstanding layout designs and thoughtful details are easily achieved with curves.

Please note: the correct angle is on the inside of the curve, and shows deviation from a 180° straight line
Radius Curve Curve Length
10 in. (250mm) 90° 16 in. (410mm)
120° 10 1/2 in. (270mm)
135° 7 15/16 in. (200mm)
150° 5 1/4 in. (130mm)
14 in. (360mm) 90° 22 in. (560mm)
22 in. (560mm) 90° 34 1/2 in. (876mm)

Custom Curves

Dynamic Closures offers custom curves in days not weeks.

These curves are bent in our factory by following your CAD detail for best possible outcome. Templates of job site headers are also accepted.

Once the curve is bent it is then baked, (that is, heat hardened overnight) to a T-6 strength in our oven designed for this process.

No other manufacturer of side folding grilles and doors offers this service without outsourcing them – which adds weeks to the lead time. This is just one of the many exclusives only from Dynamic Closures.

Read Our FAQs About Working With Custom Curves >