Manual operation of your door can be a lot easier and safer than you may think. This page has detailed diagrams showing the features that make our doors easier to install and use.

If you’re interested in a motorized door, you can learn more here.


Manual grilles feature a built in, easy to use handle which is permanently attached to the winding shaft and is operated by a 1/2 in. winding rod. Simple ratchet type charging allows quick safe adjustment to achieve the perfect charge.
rolling security grille



The counter balance consists of a torsion spring within the barrel and a winding mechanism.
rolling security gates



Lightweight is the key operative word. No heavy steel and no welded end plugs.

Extruded barrel has “built-in” ring for solid continuous attachment of the curtain. Weight of the curtain is not on the screws but actually on the barrel and full length of slat.

Curtain wrapped on barrel assembly at factory, not in field.

The shafts are “dead”, meaning they do not turn, the barrel turns on the shaft. No bearings needed in bracket plates.
rolling security doors