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Founded on Innovation

The side folding security door was invented over forty years ago and changed the world of retail security forever and we knew that security doors could protect like a fortress, but didn’t need to look like one.

From the beginning, we knew that beauty comes from the highly functional. We also knew that we had to balance the needs of many. Any security door has to be:

Fully secure.

Easy to install.

Easy to open and close for end user staff.

Harmonize with a variety of architectural intents and branding aesthetics.

Even tempt after hours shoppers with a glimpse of products inside.

The passion for solutions without compromise is what drives us.

A History of Firsts

Since 1975, Dynamic has also introduced the perforated side folding closure, and designed the easy-to-install side folding EZ Grille® and Lift Ready® rolling grille.

We hold a number of patents, including for the 1-piece hinge. This design revolution eliminates unsightly black staining on hinges, is just as strong as standard “piano” hinges. It is even safer for end users thanks to the “no-pinch” design.

In 2016, we developed a better door hanger that can suspend more weight and still roll smoothly. This means doors can be taller than ever, a feature that upscale retailer Holt Renfrew used to beautiful effect with its 25’ tall door.

Leading the Future of Security Door Design

Today, the company is still innovating. We believe that we have a greater selection of materials, patterns, and finishes than any other security door manufacturer out there.

Our Research and Development department is constantly finding new ways to answer the custom needs of our clients. We’ve also been refining and streamlining, so you can enjoy cost savings and stronger, more user-friendly designs.

We’re also constantly on the search for ways to reduce our environmental footprint. On our Green page, you can learn how we save on energy and materials alike.

3D Rapid Prototyping

One of the staple tools of our R&D department is our ability to generate prototypes for custom parts in a matter of hours. Our 3D printing process allows us to design, test, and roll out parts faster and cheaper than ever.

Better Solutions on the Horizon

Without getting into the realm of science fiction, our R&D department is constantly experimenting with new materials and technologies.

Don’t be surprised if you see more automation, WiFi integrated solutions, and lighter, stronger materials in the months and years to come.

To find out about our latest updates and announcements, check out our blog.