Side Folding Door Installation Part 4: Hanging the Doors

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In this series, we’re going into detail on how to install side-folding doors. We’re giving extra tips that will help you avoid some of the pitfalls customers encounter if they attempt shortcuts from the simple step by step instruction PDF.

At this stage, you have all your tools handy, you’ve checked the site and you’ve installed the track, leaving one section open so you can lift the door into the track. Now you’re ready to hang the doors.

Get Familiar With Door Posts and Curtain Sections

In your documents package, you will have an outline of how the posts and sections should be installed, referencing the public side of the door and the area secured by the door. Locking posts are specially labelled.

Door installation layout diagram

Each post and door section delivered to you is labelled with its own number that will match the layout drawing.

Loading the First Post

With the help of the drawing, find the post that is furthest away from the break in the track. You may recall that in the track installation post, we recommended leaving the track section furthest from the pocket uninstalled. This will make finding the furthest post as well as the overall curtain load-in simpler.

When you’ve found the furthest post, ensure it is oriented correctly by checking the sticker. The sticker may look like one of these:

Stickers orientation

If your door is designed with locks only on one side, it’s important to ensure the locks are facing the public side. If your door is lockable from both sides, then you’ll want to check for the screw channels. Screw channels are always on the secure side.

Screw channel on door post

The blue arrow shows how to find the screw channel on a post.

Once you’re sure of the orientation, one person can lift the post into the track.

Lifting post into ceiling track

Use the Transfer Track to Load the First Curtain Section

You will need two people for this step. Experienced installers may be able to load the curtain directly into the installed track on the ceiling. For easier loading, however, we recommend feeding the curtain into a separate, disposable section of track that we provide, called the transfer track.

Loading the Curtain onto the Transfer Track

Loading trolleys onto transfer track

To begin, make sure you have the curtain oriented correctly. You can tell the secure side because we mark it with a sticker.

Once you know which side you want facing out, load the curtain into the transfer track, ensuring that none of the trolleys haven’t become twisted sideways in the track.

Lifting the Curtain into the Track Installed on the Ceiling

Place a properly sized block of wood under the installed ceiling track. You can stand the curtain on this (once it’s vertical) to help hold it in position while you’re feeding the curtain from the transfer track to the track on the ceiling.

For counter height curtains the block will be about ¾” high or less. For a full-height door it will be 1” – 1 ½ “ depending on your exact site. Have some shims handy for the best fit.

It’s best for two people to be involved in the lifting and feeding operation. One person raises the curtain to the vertical position from the ground and helps keep the curtain stable, while the other person is on a ladder helping to lift and making sure the transfer track doesn’t roll off.

Once the curtain is vertical, place the transfer track end to end with the installed track on the ceiling, ensure it is closely aligned.

Aligning transfer track with ceiling track

Slide the curtain section into the ceiling track. Be careful – the tendency is for the transfer track to fall once the curtain has been rolled over to the ceiling track. As this can damage floors, ensure the person on the ladder is ready to catch it.

Sliding curtain onto ceiling track

Repeat with the next post and the next curtain section, and all following, until all the sections are in the ceiling track. Double check that everything is facing the right way, and then install the final section of the track.

Attaching Posts to Curtain Sections

At this point you will have separate posts and curtain sections suspended from the ceiling track. In this step you will attach them all together so they are one continuous unit.

To connect a section of curtain to a post, first bring them close together.

Fitting curtain to post

On the curtain, one side will have a hook. Insert it into the slot on the post, and rotate it until the curtain is flat against the post.

Inserting curtain hook into door slot

Here is close up of that connection:

Close view of connection

Once the connector is flush, you’ll reinforce the connection by adding screws into the screw channel spaced 18” apart. We have supplied all of the #6 self-drilling screws you’ll need, but we often include some extras just in case, so don’t worry if you have some left over.

Again, it’s critical that the screw channel is on the secured side of the curtain.

Using screw to attach curtain

Next Step

Once all your posts and curtains are facing the right way, loaded into the ceiling track and attached together, you’re ready to start creating the floor sockets so you can bolt the posts to the floor. We’ll cover that in an upcoming post – but first, we’ll review the post types.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about installing your security grille, just call our expert Customer Service team at 1-800-663-4599.

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