Security Doors Can Now Be Taller Than Ever

security door hangers solid steel

We’re pleased to announce that our Dynamic Closures Innovation Team has come through again to meet the needs of architects and designers.

Our engineers have developed a new solid steel door hanger that can support more weight, so your security grilles can now be as tall as required to create the impact you’re looking for. As an added bonus, the new hanger is also slimmer than before, which makes for a cleaner visual look.

The hanger is a key component that must connect the full weight of the curtain to the track attached to the ceiling. These taller doors still need to roll smoothly for the end user.

Other benefits of the new hanger include:

  • They will last even longer.
  • A new corrosion-resistant coating enables exterior use as well as interior.
  • Milled single piece steel rod 
  • Solid end cap (as opposed to screws) removes potential points where failure can occur.
  • Same great, smooth rolling performance.
  • Same ease of installation.

security grille with solid steel hangersYou can see the slimmer look of the new hangers from the in-progress installation above. When completed, an additional covering will completely hide the track.

This new solid steel door hanger is available for our Slim Line and EZ side folding closures..

After our exhaustive testing, we started using the new hangers on real doors for customers who were eager to reach new door heights. We’re pleased to say that the new hangers have now been performing exceptionally well during the past six months in actual field conditions.

Responding to Changing Times and Changing Demands

Ten years ago, it was very rare to see store entrances that were taller than ten feet. We were told that our ability to provide doors up to 12’ tall was exceptional. But in the past decade, malls have become bigger and more open, resulting in taller store headers that need taller security doors. Some doors, like this one we built for Holt Renfrew, needed to be up to 25’ tall.

Mike Svenson, Production Engineer, commented, “As the Slim Line models’ popularity grew, we saw increasing demand for taller and taller doors. Our team was more than happy to respond with a bulletproof hanger assembly that satisfies even the most demanding design height requirements.”

Dynamic Closures is proud to offer commercial quality security grilles with small but impactful innovations, and can build doors of this height.

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