Security Door Installation Part 12: Adjusting the Curtain Height

solid steel security door hangers close up

Dynamic Closures side folding security grilles are made to precise measurements and are easy to install for experienced contractors. But even the best-made spaces can have minor imperfections that don’t become noticeable until you start installing the door.

Changing the overall curtain height is done by adjusting the trolleys that connect the curtains to the overhead track.

Our adjustable curtain hangers help you deal with floors or counters that aren’t perfectly level , or even small errors in the measurements. This will help your door look perfectly tailored for the opening of the area you’re securing.

Not all of our customers ask for these adjustable trolleys. But if you want to be able to fine tune the size of the gap below the curtain, the extra 1” of adjustability means a lot to those who notice details like this.

A special note – if you’re new to our series on Side Folding door installation start here or consult the basic PDF instructions if you just need a simple step by step.

How to Adjust the Curtain

Please note that you have to adjust all the trolleys to the same height or the curtain will not ride smoothly in the track. The maximum height adjustment you can make is 1” up or down.

Adjust the Trolleys

trolley diagram showing adjustment locationAdjusting each trolley is easy:

1. Loosen the Set Screw on the Trolley

Using the 5/64 hex key provided with your delivery, loosen the set screw just enough that the trolley shaft is freed.

2. Adjust the Shaft Height

Insert the hex key into the hole in the trolley shaft.

  • Turn the hex key clockwise to raise the curtain.
  • Turn the hex key counterclockwise to lower the curtain.

Count the number of turns. This will allow you to easily repeat the process.

  • 8 complete rotations will make a ¼” inch change in height.
  • 32 complete rotations will make a 1” change.

3. Tighten the Set Screw

Ensure the set screw is snug to retain your settings.

4. Repeat on All Trolleys

Once you know the number of turns to make on your first trolley to get the height you want, it’s easier to adjust the rest of them.

Adjust the Height of All Posts in the Curtain

Adjusting post height

1. Remove the Screws

Remove the two screws holding the hanger in place. Be sure to support the post so it doesn’t fall.

2. Adjust

Using the ¼” index marks on the side of the hanger as a guide, adjust the post to the desired height.

3. Replace the Screws

Replace the screws, selecting appropriate holes in the hanger so that both will be able to grab the back of the support.

Test the Curtain

Your curtain should ride smoothly in the track and not drag on the ground. If needed, readjust.

We test every curtain before it leaves the factory, and one of the things we check for is smooth operation. If your curtain is snagging, then something is wrong.

Our Expert Team is Ready to Help

This brings to a close our series on side folding security door installation. We hope you’ve found the additional information helpful.

One of the good things about working with Dynamic Closures is that we don’t just pull a door off the shelf and ship it to you. We provide expert help to you throughout the process of choosing and installing doors for commercial spaces.

Whether you’re an architect, commercial designer, dealer or installer, our expert Customer Support team is here to help. The team has many decades’ worth of experience and can help you save time and money through selection, specifications, delivery, and installation of your door.

Call them at 1-800-663-4599 during our support hours (Monday to Friday 8 AM-5 PM Eastern).

You can also send them an email through the form on our contact page.
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