Installation Part 6: Mounting Wall Channel and Hookbolt Posts

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At this point in the installation process, you have already gone through a number of steps to get the track mounted and the curtain installed in the track. If you haven’t already gone through these steps you should start here or download the PDF containing the instructions.

Wall Channel and Hookbolt posts always go together, so we will cover them both in this post. As you may recall from our post guide, Wall Channels provide a space for a the lock in the Hookbolt posts to engage.

Wall Channel and Hookbolt posts diagram

Diagram of a Hookbolt post (top) and a Wall Channel post (bottom).

Quick Notes

  • Hookbolt posts can have either 1 lock or two, and depending on height may have an additional top lock. These can help stabilize taller doors. 
  • Neither of these posts has a floor socket to drill. 
  • The posts are tall but light, so it’s possible for one person to take care of Wall Channel installation.

Step 1: Check the Fit of the Wall Channel Post

Wall Channel posts are not mounted into the track with the curtain and other posts: it’s unconnected to the overall security door until you mount it to the wall. So the first thing you need to do is ensure it fits.

The Wall Channel post we deliver will match the opening specifications, but we find the real-world opening on the construction site may be too small. If this is the case, you may want to trim the wall channel to fit exactly.

Wall channel post plumb

To do this, measure the distance from the floor to the underside of track, and compare to the height of the Wall Channel post. If it looks like you need to trim the post, do this from the bottom, and be sure your measurements and markings are precise. Ideally, when you’re done, the post will be an exact fit so there are no visible gaps above or below the post.

A note about saw blades: if you need to trim the post, use a non-ferrous blade on your mitre saw. Standard ferrous blades will leave rough and melted edges.

If you find that you’ve trimmed too much, don’t worry, you don’t have to order a new post. You can adjust the height of the lock plate to a certain extent. If needed you can also adjust of the height of the post on the wall, but this will create a gap above the floor or below the track.

Step 2: Mount the Wall Channel Post to the Wall

Find Plumb

Center the wall channel directly under the track. Using your 4’ level, ensure that the wall channel is plumb. It can be helpful to mark a line.

It is essential that you’re precise at this stage: if the wall channel is not level, the entire security grille will bend out or in when the door is closed. This looks sloppy and make it awkward for user when locking the unit.

Screw into Place

Mount the wall channel in the pre-drilled holes using #10 x 2” screws provided.

Step 3: Check that the Lock Engages

Hookbolt posts don’t need a floor socket, so all you need to do is check the that the lock will close smoothly.

Close the Hookbolt post into the Wall Channel and turn the key to make sure the hook bolt engages the lock plate.

Checking fit of lock

The lock plate position can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit. We’ll be covering how to adjust the lock height and more in a future article, and a quick guide is included in the PDF instruction booklet.

Next: How to Install BiPart Posts

We’ll be covering additional posts types in future articles, and the next post type on our list is Bipart Post installation.

As always, you can feel free to contact our specialized Customer Service team at 1-800-663-4599 if any questions come up during your security door installation.

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