Our Favourite Trends from R+T 2018

R+T Tradeshow 2018 Flags Messe StuttgartFor over 50 years, R+T has been the most important trade show for rolling doors, shutters, and screens. We made a point of attending the 2018 show in Stuttgart to see the latest industry trends.

Held from February 27 to March 3 at the Messe Stuttgart Centre in Stuttgart, Germany, the show was impressive for sheer size alone. Over 65,000 attendees from over 140 countries visited the ten halls totalling 120,000 square metres of conference space. 1,027 exhibitors showed off their latest and best products for commercial and residential security, privacy, and sun protection.

R+T Tradeshow 2018 in Stuttgart GermanyTrends in commercial design and architecture often appear in Europe and Asia before hitting the North American market. Dynamic prides itself on its active R&D department, but it’s helpful to see what other industry leaders are doing as well to test our assumptions for new product development for the coming year.

To find out the trends for Europe and Asia, we sent our Sales Manager, Jack Roy, and Product Engineer Mike Svenson to the show.

The Top Industry Trends

Here were the some of the strongest trends we noticed in commercial door products.

R+T Tradeshow 2018 show area

Better Quality Construction

Clients are now looking for products that last as long as possible and look good throughout their lifespan. At R+T we were seeing better quality materials that would cost a little bit more, but would save money on replacement costs in the long term. We were happy to see that some of the lowest cost options had disappeared from many product lineups.

More Design Focus

R+T Tradeshow 2018 shutter displayA decade or so ago, security gates were an afterthought for design. Now architects and their clients want a seamless integration of doors with overall designs for buildings, spaces, and brands.

We saw more materials and finish options than ever before. Clearly customers are demanding doors that are more than just practical and secure.

More Options in Motorized Operators

Aligning with overall societal trends towards increased automation, we saw more options for motorized operators and controls. There were some impressive wireless controls, including many that were smart device-enabled, often with additional security features. We’re definitely excited to see these as they appear in the North American market.

The convenience and health and safety benefits of these controls were very apparent. These doors would be a lot easier for people to open and close, especially for people with mobility issues.

Lighter Ecological Footprint

Dynamic has been actively pursuing more environmentally sustainable materials and production methods for over 15 years, an interest clearly shared by other industry leaders at R+T. The concept of lessening ecological impact was evident in greener manufacturing processes and cradle-to-cradle planning for materials.

Adapting to a Changing World

We were very encouraged by what we saw overall at R+T. As we move further into 2018, stay tuned as we’ll be announcing some product and materials innovations of our own.

In the meantime, we invite you to contact us about your project. Our expert customer support team is ready to help you with product selection, help with specifications and even custom CAD files for your projects.

You can call us Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM (Eastern) at 1-800-663-4599

Photo credits:

  • Flags and conference entrance crowd photos courtesy Messe Stuttgart
  • Showroom: Dynamic Closures (Mike Svenson)
  • Shutter display: Dynamic Closures (Mike Svenson)


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