Standard 7 Inch

The Standard 7 inch is robust, durable and ideal for any application. With a wide variety of classic models and materials, the standard 7 inch has something for everyone.

storefront gates

S126 S
Straight Pattern Rod And Link 7 Inch Side Folding Grille

rolling security grilles

S126 B
Brick Pattern Rod And Link 7 Inch Side Folding Grille

folding security grilles

Tempered Glass 7 Inch Side Folding Closure

rolling security gates

Polycarbonate 7 Inch Side Folding Closure

rolling security doors

Perforated Steel 7 Inch Side Folding Closure

storefront gates

Solid Aluminum 7 Inch Side Folding Closure

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Features and Options

  • Hardware – Hardened steel hangers for strength and durability. Optional height adjustable hardware available. Learn More
  • Finish – Durable Clear Anodized finish on exposed aluminum surfaces. Optional colors available, Learn More
  • Posts – Many ways to secure the curtain with a wide variety of locking posts. Learn More
  • Track – The durable hardened track allows for smooth operation. Optional curves and custom curves available. Learn More
  • Egress – Emergency Egress fire exit is available to meet fire code regulations. Learn More
  • Cylinders – Locking posts supplied with 1” Mortise cylinder can be easily changed onsite. Optional SFIC housing and cores available.

Load Requirements (lbs/sqft)

It is important that the entire header-support handle the stacked weight.

Model Stacked Extended
S126 Straight 8 1.30
S126 Brick 8 1.30
Futura 18 3.00
Prestige 15 2.50
Paravent 15 2.50
Opaque 18 3.00

Maximum Heights

Model Max Height Max Width
S126 Straight 14'0" (22'0" with review)* Unlimited
S126 Brick 14'0" (22'0" with review)* Unlimited
Futura 14'0" Unlimited
Prestige 14'0" (18'0" with review)* Unlimited
Paravent 14'0" (18'0" with review)* Unlimited
Opaque 14'0" (18'0" with review)* Unlimited


* Anything over 14' must be reviewed by Dynamic Closures

* Anything over 18' will require pieced or custom extruded materials


Estimated Stack Calculator

Consult factory for assistance with site specific pocket dimensions.


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