At Dynamic Closures we believe you shouldn't have to choose between security and design. In these posts we cover aspects of both that help you work quickly and effectively, and demonstrate ROI to your clients.

3D Rapid Prototyping for Better, Faster Results

3D rapid prototyping helps us deliver better results on our custom security doors for commercial properties. Here are seven 7 different ways your project and your clients will benefit from our use of this technology.
Written by Jack Roy at 09:33

Our 6-Step Testing and Quality Assurance Process

How do we ensure that your door will not only match your specifications but will work for your clients and end users? Our testing and QA processes are not only comprehensive but creative as well. Thanks to 3D rapid prototyping it’s also easier than ever to make design adjustments.
Written by Jack Roy at 08:10

3D and 2D CAD Files Now Available

Dynamic Closures now provides both 2D and 3D CAD files for all of our side folding security doors. We'll have files available for our rolling doors too very soon.
Written by Jack Roy at 14:50

Avoid Common Problems with Division 08 Architectural Specifications

Here are some of the common problems we see with Division 08 specifications and how to solve them. This will avoid delays and inconvenience in your commercial architecture projects.
Written by Jack Roy at 14:30

6 Simple Side Folding Door Design Tips

When designing security doors for retail stores and other commercial properties, side folding doors allow for an incredible variety of creative possibilities. This allows you to create a storefront that excites shoppers and provides incredible ROI to owners.
Written by Jack Roy at 11:00
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